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Cheap Action Camera Review and Test

Updated on April 15, 2016

Cheap Action Camera

A month or so ago I ordered a cheap Chinese made action camera that cost me $28 USD. It arrived a week or so ago and I managed to record a little video so that you can see the quality of this camera. The video isn't very long but you get the idea. I also purchased an SJ4000 at the same time so I am probably going to sell this camera on and keep the SJ4000. This camera came with a few mounts including a handle bar mount, arm and head straps and also a charger and usb cable however the charger does not plug into our power points here in New Zealand but you can purchase adapters at your local shop. It is also possible to charge your action cam by plugging the usb into your computer. Below is a photo which shows you the accessories included.

Action Camera Accessories

Camera Specifications

This camera films in HD720P and to be honest I thought the quality was quite good considering the price it could be a great camera for some one if you are into cycling or mountain biking/downill mountain biking I think this could be a great cheap option to film your rides. According to the manufacturer the battery will last for 2 and a half hours which seems pretty good however I have not tested it to see if it does last this long or not. It is very small which is handy it only measures 9.5*2.8*2.8 cm and weighs 64grams. Below is a picture of this camera strapped to a bicycle helmet.

Cheap Action Camera Mounted To Bicycle Helmet

Below I have included a video that I recorded showing all of the accessories and a quick test video. It is not very long but you get the idea. Hopefully this is helpful for some one out there if you are looking for a cheap action camera and don't want to spend a whole lot then I would recommend purchasing this camera. The only thing you should have to buy to go with it is a micro sd card up to 32gb. I picked up a cheap one for my SJ4000 for around 10 dollars. I have left a link to this product on amazon below also.


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