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Cheap Blu-Ray Players For Christmas 2010

Updated on November 27, 2010

With the advance of modern technology it was inevitable that the new blu ray players would become cheaper and cheaper,and with the run-in too Christmas 2010 they are dropping in price even more.Essentially blue ray is the same as the DVDs we all still know and love but with more room on for extras in the discs are so good they can hold 6 times the information that normal DVDs can and of course 4 times the quality of picture,as well as great sound and vibrant colours that will blow you away.Although the format started off with only a hand-full of blu ray discs there are now nearly 4000 films and TV programmes on blu ray.The technology has not only advanced so that the price of the players come down but the specs of the players have got better and better,so if you haven't already splashed out on a blu ray player then now is the time especially now that Christmas is round the corner.

Panasonic DMP-BD65

Panasonic has been one of the leading manufactures of electronics for years and so its a surprise that this delightful little number has come onto the market at such a cheap price,not only the cheap price but this lovely player has a very quick start up time which can be a problem with blue ray players,0.5 seconds is pretty quick for any player let alone a cheap one.This model also has a power saving mode which is great for people who care about green issues

Sony BDP-S360

Slightly more expensive than the last model but from probably the worlds best known manufacture of electronics,Sony.Still cheap and especially with the fact that it is 1080p which means that even if you put normal DVDs in it will automatically upscale them to make them look much better.It also has a 24fps mode for watching movies in the way they were originally supposed to be.

Sylvania NB530SLX

The cheapest blu ray player in my list and to be honest a pretty good performer for the price,it gets 4.5 stars in the customer reviews and that is from over a hundred reviews,that's not bad going by anyone's standards.It is a 1080p player which means it can upscale your current DVDs and has a parental lock for safety,that's about the only features it does have but it is a true budget player,if your looking to get into the world of blu ray but have a very small budget then this is defiantly the player for you

Panasonic DMP-BD85K

Panasonic's mid range blu ray player has some amazing features for the money including wifi connectivity for internet tv,it is a bit smaller than the budget models despite the fact that it has a lot more features than the cheaper versions,The operation of this player is maybe too simple for most techno heads but will be great for people who are afraid of technology.

Samsung BD-C5500

This entry from samsung is typical for the brand,samsung always pull it out of the bag with the looks department and they don't disappoint with this budget number.Not only is this player 1080hp it is also wifi enabled which enables people to access Internet TV.Brilliant and sexy looking budget blu ray player.


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    • TomB88 profile image

      TomB88 6 years ago

      The Sony BDP S360 looks nice may have to purchase !!