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Cheap TV Wall Brackets

Updated on August 31, 2012
Save money - buy online
Save money - buy online

Amazing how much the TV industry has advanced, with so many brands, sizes and types of TV’s the need to mount your new TV on a TV stand or on a TV wall bracket is another very important topic to consider when you decide to buy a new TV. One thing to keep in mind is, not to be fooled into thinking you’re getting a good deal at your high street electrical retailer until you have made sure that a cheaper alternative does not exist elsewhere.

When I recently purchased my LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED Smart TV, I did some research into the additional items that I would need which included TV Wall Brackets. As my intention was to mount my new LED TV on the Wall thus saving me some space in the living room, not forgetting to mention that it looks good when you have that huge screen stuck on the wall.

So when I went into my high street retailer to buy the new TV, I was of the opinion that it would make sense to purchase everything in one place if the sales guy’s at the electrical retailer could do me a good deal on the items that I was going to purchase. My shopping list included, a new 42 inch LED SMART TV I knew the brand I wanted as I had done my research into the different TV’s. I wanted a slim cheap (as in within my budget) TV Wall Bracket, a 5M long HDMI cable and a 32GB USB Storage stick.

I was hoping that since I was purchasing all these items they’d do me a good discount. No chance there, the price on the TV they wouldn’t reduce it any lower, I accepted that as I know I wouldn’t get that model for ay lower than that elsewhere. But the other 3 items in my list I was sure I could get it cheaper at Amazon or other online retailers. The sales guy at the shop advised me that it was crucial that I purchased a decent bracket that was tested for the brand of TV I purchased and I would not be able to get a better deal than the £200 his shop was going to charge me for the Cheap TV wall bracket that I selected.

There is no way I am going to pay £200 pounds for a TV wall bracket when I said that to the sales man, he very quickly assured me that his manager could do me a discount of 20%. I then said okay how about my 32GB USB Storage stick, how much will you charge me for that, the marked price was £65 and the HDMI cable was £22. Even with the discount the total price was exceeding my budget, and with no chance of a bigger discount I stuck to just buying the LED TV.

When I got back home with my new TV, I still needed that cheap TV wall bracket, the HDMI cable and the 32GB USB stick. I logged into my PC and head straight over to Amazon clicking onto the pages that I had saved from my TV research before deciding on what to buy. I found the following cheap TV wall bracket which offered me a tilt feature best of all it was priced so low in comparison to the high street price I was quoted. I found the USB memory stick at a reasonable price which I know will be difficult to beat.

The LED TV Wall Bracket I purchased

I opted to purchase the following TV bracket from Amazon "VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 37"- 70" LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen with VESA 200x200 to 700x400mm, Sturdy Steel Wall Plate Free HDMI Cable and Bubble Level 3KR". It was cheap and had a very good 5-star rating from other people who had purchased this TV bracket. IT was also VESA 400x400 compatible as my TV manufacturer stated.

Cheap TV Wall Bracket
Cheap TV Wall Bracket

I am very satisfied with this bracket and within 30mins of getting it out of the box it was delivered in, I was able to put it on to my wall and hang my new TV on it. A very easy instruction set helped a great deal in making sure it was securely on the wall. Notice it comes with a FREE HDMI cable, okay I admit it was not 5M long but it did the job and it did not cost me anything.

Cheap USB Storage Stick
Cheap USB Storage Stick

The 32GB USB Storage stick I purchased

The one I selected was - HP 32GB Flash Drive; it was a lot cheaper than the price I was quoted at the shop on the high street.

Buying my LED TV, Cheap Wall bracket, HDMI cable and 32GB USB Stick all combined came in within my budget, simply because I did not go with the prices I was offered at the high street electrical retailer – the lesson from this is, if you want to save money then always look around and do some research before purchasing.


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