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Cheap and Easy Wed Encryption by Linux Foundation

Updated on April 21, 2015

With the support of the Linux Foundation, the “Let’s Encrypt” project, which was initially created by ISRG and aimed at providing free and validated TLS certified to any person with a domain, is more likely to turn out to be both free and simple for any and every Web Servers to encrypt connections. Following their efforts in the development for crucial Internet protocols is Linux Foundation’s new concern for making Wed Encryptions cheap and easy.

However, deploying TLS encryption certificates is unfortunately very costly and complex with the latter being such a problematic factor that even big companies like Google find it difficult to keep their certificates updated and clear. Classic examples of online services suffering largely due to the expiry and non renewal of the TLS encryption certificates are Azure and Gmail.

But with the “Let’s Encrypt” project, as claimed by the Linux Foundation, the scenario is soon to change since upgrading and installing certificates will be at every one’s fingertips with the semi-automatic command lines software updates in Linux. The best part of it is that it is not specifically build for Linux users but to support other platforms as well.

The executive director of Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin has tagged the project very accurately as a “platform neutral effort”. The executive director of ISRG, Josh Aas further claims that the initial aim of the project was to make their software compatible with the bit shot operating systems like Windows and Linux alone but soon other platforms followed.

The project’s first appearance in November 2014 was initially backed by Mozilla with other top level partners like Cisco, Akamai, EFF and many more. With the assurance of making the installations and upgrading of certificates both free and simple, “Let’s Encrypt” planned to submit its APIs to the Internet Engineering Task Force. This would ensure that other free certification authorities could follow the model as the standard model.

A happy consequence of this is the project SSLMate which allows you to renew certified quite easily using the command lines but in contrast to “Let’s Encrypt’s” ideal of providing free services, they charge up to $150 per year for a domain.

Nevertheless, the involvement of the Linux Foundation will surely boost the project a lot although the according to ISRG the technical details of the project will still be their job while Linux Foundation will merely provide the logistics and fund-raising support that they require.

Detail news is available at InfoWorld


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