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Best low cost Raspberry Pi

Updated on July 13, 2016

Cheap high quality Raspberry Pi cases

In case you don’t have a group of friends that start drooling over the idea of new electronic invention and innovation, telling you all the ins and outs of its capabilities of ‘Changing the world as we know it’; I will quickly tell you what the Raspberry Pi actually is. In short, it is a microcomputer, which equates to the size of a credit card (roughly), and is pretty much like picking up your computer tower and carrying it around with you. Except it’s a tad smaller. And it has one miniscule problem: It doesn’t arrive with a case. The reasoning for this is that it is designed to be ‘modded’, having its components swapped around, giving it new purposes, and adding more to it.

But let’s face it – not many people can do that. So, to avoid getting into more complications, can we agree that getting a case to protect your Raspberry Pi would be in your best interests, since you won’t need to change anything (except plug things in), and it will keep the parts protected, okay?

After looking around, there is one group of designers who have by far the best product; a case which has customizable colours (any two colours to mix and match), and if you feel really creative, then you can create your own design. No limits, as long as it is made out of plastic, and isn’t something ridiculously hard to make, they will most likely make it.


ModMyPi are a company who have risen to the challenge of giving you the final touches to your new Raspberry Pi. Their default design is so simple, yet it can still be personalized to the colours of your choice. But i have already explained the customizability of it, here is a few more reasons for you to buy the remaining piece of the Raspberry Pi jigsaw:

  • The case is very easily removed, so you can still mod the actual Raspberry Pi all you want, and accessing the motherboard is just as easy as it would be without a case
  • It has all the necessary ventilation to make sure it doesn’t overheat
  • 5% of the profits from the case go straight to the team who developed, and are producing, the Raspberry Pi – giving them even more support for future innovation
  • Extremely easy access to all the ports you need to get (in fact, the case gives them even more strength/stability)

So, why wait? Go to their site,, and either get your design chosen, or pick your two colours, and pre-order your very own case! Its just £7.99, including VAT, for something which could essentially stop your Raspberry Pi from breaking through the inevitable wear and tear you will give it.

The photos to the top right will show you the main features of the cases provided by ModMyPi.


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