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ipad 2 cheap to miss! how to pick up a bargain ipad at rock bottom prices.

Updated on June 21, 2012

ipad 2 cheap to miss! - Why is now the right time to buy?

There's never been a better time to pick up an iPad 2 or an ipad 1 at absolutely rock bottom prices and here's why:

  1. Apple produce not only stylish but very good quality kit - it's built to last.
  2. The first generation iPads may be less powerful than the later versions but they are still awesome pieces of kit.
  3. The 1st Generation iPad went on sale April 2010 in the US
  4. The 2nd Generation iPad went on sale March 2011 in the US
  5. The 3rd Generation iPad went on sale March 2012 in the US
  6. Prices for used 1st and 2nd generation iPads are falling dramatically.
  7. Repairs are readily available (should you need one) for iPads and reasonably priced if you bought at a rock bottom price to begin with.

Don't follow the thundering herd!

Profit from the trail of awesome quality kit they're leaving behind them
Profit from the trail of awesome quality kit they're leaving behind them | Source

Don't follow the thundering herd - pick up an ipad 2 bargain

What does this mean? It means that if you're not someone who feels the need to have the very latest or to follow the thundering herd; who feel the need to upgrade (even though their existing model is still an awesome piece of kit) you have a fantastic opportunity to get yourself an iPad at a rock bottom price or to buy a higher spec iPad than you could afford to get if you were buying new.

Check out the comparison videos below to understand the differences between the three versions and then ask yourself if the difference in specification between the models across all three version really justifies the price differential.

Unless you're a dedicated follower of fashion or someone who simply has to have the latest of whatever it is - regardless of the price - you'll find it hard to reconcile the difference in price.


Baulking at the thought of second user iPad 2? Think again

Now you may be baulking at the thought of buying a pre-owned ipad - but here's why you should think again:

  1. Even the oldest equipment is still very new.
  2. Anyone upgrading to a newer version is probably a die-hard fan whose looked after their iPad really well.
  3. Even if you need to get your purchase refurbished at some point after you get it, you can do this quite reasonably - if you've bought at a rock bottom price.

We'll have a look at where to check out some great iPad deals in a moment, but first satisfy yourself that the differences between the versions are nothing to shout about....

Check out the differences between the ipad 1 and the ipad 2

How the iPad 2 and iPad 3 compare..

How to track down your ipad 1 deal

O.K. So hopefully you're convinced that the differences between the versions isn't really that great - here's the kicker - the price tags are; and this is where you can grab yourself a bargain.

First decide on the iPad version you want. Most of the iPads sold are wireless only, and rely on your home internet connection or wireless hotspots - but if you want to roam about and can afford a mobile contract to support this - it's the 3G version you'll be interested in.

When it comes to memory, you'll probably want to buy the biggest you can afford and your choices boil down to 16, 32 and 64 GB flavours.

Now check the ipad 1 second user price

Now you've decided on the iPad model you're interested in - have a look at the links below to check the typical used price for the model you want. I've included an automatic selection below - if you don't see the one you're interested in, visit Ebay to see more.

Next decide on on where to buy from

O.K. you've decided on the model you want and had a look at the typical second user price. Now it's time to decide where to buy from.

Now if you're still a bit nervous about buying a second user iPad you can still pick up previous models on Amazon whilst stocks last - but you'll have to be quick because they're disappearing fast.

If you're cool with a second user piece of equipment you have a range of options. This Hub gives you two: Amazon and Ebay - although there are many more auction sites and independent businesses selling second user or refurbished models with limited warranties.

The choice is yours, but as long as you follow my top tips on how to purchase, a bargain awaits.

Check out the Amazon links below to see the current pricing for new equipment or drill through to see second user pricing.


Top tips for buying through auction sites

Follow these tips to avoids issues when buying through auction sites:

  1. Read the description really carefully to make sure you are bidding on an item - not a link to an item on sale elsewhere.
  2. Check out how many items the seller has sold (the lower the number the higher the risk.
  3. Check out the feedback for similar items to the one you are buying - look for a large number of satisfied customers - over 98% satisfaction.
  4. Look for neutral or negative feedback.
  5. Carefully read the returns policy the seller has for the item.
  6. Read the description carefully so there are no misunderstandings on the condition of the item.
  7. Ask questions to clarify state of the item, it's history etc.
  8. Check out the buyers protection scheme of the auction site you're using.
  9. Don't do private deals outside of the auctions site - it's a common tactic for those looking to rip you off.
  10. Pay with paypal so you're covered by Ebay's buyer protection scheme, if you use Ebay.
  11. Stay safe when picking equipment up - go with a friend or make sure someone knows exactly where you are going - stay on the doorstep if possible - take your cell phone and "report in" with a friend, so the vendor knows that someone else knows you are with them.
  12. Trust your gut - if the deal looks too god to be true or the vendor looks dodgy - walk away - there are plenty more bargains to be had.

Over to you!

I hope I've persuaded you to at least have a serious look at the used iPad option - there are some awesome bargains out there on kit which is hardly used. If you do bag yourself a bargain and you have a spare minute - please let me know how you got on, in the comments below.

Happy hunting!


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    • profile image

      topaz blue 5 years ago

      Wonderful and interesting content! I would never have thought to look at this route. I always thought that this might mean a kind of a compromise but not from what you've said.

      Many thanks for the great suggestions.

      Topaz Blue