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China antispam software

Updated on June 16, 2009

Chinese Government wants PC makers to install software to control internet content

Will Dell and HP Support Software Filter by China government

Chinese government has given PC manufacturing companies up to July 1 to install software that filters internet contents, and this is the latest move seen as web sensors. Will this be a good move for the Chinese people whom would argue that it is going to help them fight unwanted programs like pornography?   Many people will see this as attempt to deny people information and to force this PC brands Dell and HP to install such software.

Some people are just wondering what is happening with China over cyber security concern and internet freedom, although they have sought to clarify that this is aim to help parents prevent their children from watching inappropriate programs.

These will give Asia manufactured brands like Acer and Lenovo competitive advantages as these new rules will favor them so much, because these brands will somehow install these gargets to maximums on the absence of Dell and HP.

Prediction by analyst that China is going to be the world largest computer market in the next two years might make HP and Dell to think of this new rule of spam filtering. Many people are waiting to see if these big companies will follow these rules without any protest or they may even negotiate with the Chinese government

If you remember in 2004 China wanted it’s homegrown wireless standard to be installed by major companies in china against the globally accepted Wi-Fi, the move was rejected by one of the chips manufacturing company known as Intel.

There are so many ways to deal with spam filter which could be adopted but not necessarily having to install these spams filtering software. But everybody is waiting to see whether Dell and HP are going to pull out from the Chinese market or corporate with the government on this policy


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