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Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad with 4 Port USB Hub

Updated on March 15, 2011


A cool gadget deserves a cool accessory with dual purpose features. Every so often that accessory is discovered and it is very exciting in this case to improve the usefulness and enjoyment of a favorite netbook or notebook computer.

People of all ages and walks of life either want one or already have one. I am talking about netbooks and notebooks measuring from 7 to 15 inches.  They are as easily transported around the globe as they are moved from room to room. With the shrinking measurements and the increasing power however – heat is often a problem.


I have written multiple hub articles about notebook cooling products. Each one has qualities that appeal to a users needs. Some need cooler stands that work well on the lap. Other users need coolers that are also used as a stand for either desktop or the lap. Adjustable cooling stands are good for those that work in places other than the office. The Cooler Master Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad with USB Hub works best on a solid surface and is small enough to stick into a bag to take with you away from the office.

The Choiix Mini Air-Through Cooling Pad also falls into the category of coolers with a fan. A built in fan helps to pull cooler air to the underside of the notebook to create air circulation. This circulation helps to push the heated air away from the notebook. Fortunately the fan runs quietly and should not interfere with anything such as music, video or movie watching.

Sturdy construction is desirable and the Choiix Cooling Pad does not disappoint. Looks are always important as well and the design of the Choiix Cooling Pad again does not disappoint. The overall color is white plastic with an aluminum top insert. Aluminum helps to dissipate heat so it works well with the built in fan. There is no ability to adjustment the size or angle of the Choiix Cooling Pad.


A four port USB hub is integrated into the Choiix Cooling Pad. This is a functional addition since you may want to use an external mouse, an external backup drive, an external number pad or a USB thumb drive.

The Choiix Cooling Pad looks good, is well constructed and has unique features. It is light weight and can be carried with you. It is not adjustable so is probably best used on a solid surface.


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