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Choose Watchdog Instead of Task Killers for Your Android Mobile Phone

Updated on August 26, 2011

Robot's Best Friend - Watchdog

Its hard to understand why so many apps need to "run" all at the same time and how that could possibly not be slowing your phone way down, but this is only your Window's PC centric mind talking.

In the Linux world (which is what the Android operating system is), it is not uncommon for many apps to stay "running" all of the time. The system is designed to work like this, and you do not need to kill these apps most of the time.

In fact, killing them might actually further slow your phone by making the phone's focus be killing the app only to have it restart and then you are right back where you started from.

What you really need is the Watchdog app, which will simply let you know when an app goes "postal" and hogs the CPU for no apparent reason.

These are the apps that drain your battery, make it feel hot to the touch, and slow down your phone, maybe even causing it to freeze.

With Watchdog on your Android, you do not have to bother with all of the harmless apps and can actually pinpoint an app that really needs your attention. From there, you can decide whether you want to keep that app, try to discipline it in to shape, and so on.

If you spring for the paid version of Watchdog, which will cost you $3.49, you can "blacklist" the renegade apps so that if the app crosses a set threshold, say 30% CPU usage, Watchdog will auto kill it.

The long and short of it is that you should try to stop using task managers and try out Watchdog for a week and see if you notice as much of an improvement as I have.

Check out Watchdog's main website (link below) for a large list of FAQs on why the app is better than standard task managers.

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    • profile image

      Shane 2 years ago

      Where are the preferences for watchdog lite on Android???

    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      @Priscilla, good call on installing Watchdog. I usually set the CPU threshold (aka, how much of the Vs power is being used by an app at around 30%. Some apps will go over this and it will notify you - if it is your keyboard or your antivirus, you might just want to whitelist them. This means that Watchdog will say "ok, you are allowed to go over the usual limit". It seems to take a good week to feel out how your apps react and to build a good whitelist. Other than that, just chill and let it do all the work.

    • profile image

      Priscilla 6 years ago

      Sorry I meant the best preferences.

    • profile image

      Priscilla 6 years ago

      I just got the optimus v yay lol and I installed watchdog. Can you please tell me the best settings for it so the actual app itself does not use too much usage?