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Choosing Your Next Computer

Updated on July 8, 2012

We all know the struggle of choosing the next computer to buy and with so many options it can be very difficult to decide which one is best to fit your personal needs.  Computers come in all shapes and sizes and you must determine what computer complies with your person preferences and needs.  There are many different brands of computers and each has a different benefit.

Dell: You see these computers everywhere; in schools, businesses, and in homes. Dell revolves its business model around mass production and because of this they are able to keep prices relatively low which is the reason these computers are everywhere. Fit for a professional setting, Dell computers lack the personal media and software that everyone loves for a personal computer. Dell does have media sufficient computers, but the company generally lacks the ability to asses your personal needs and the parts are usually not as sufficient for what most people are looking to do. I would recommend a Dell to anyone who solely uses there computer for professional use but not for the at home media lover. Dell computers are great for school and office work and if you're looking to save money, Dells runs at a lower price.

Parts:  Dell uses refurbished parts on their new computers which lowers the cost but does effect the quality.  If you are very serious about your computer this may bother you, but it will save you money on purchase day.

HP: Like Dell, HP is a large computer manufacturing company and creates many different products. Hewitt-Packard creates good quality computers and has a wide range of media available at its fingertips. Mass production does interfere with the quality of HP computers, but these computers are of a higher quality then Dells. When you buy a HP, you pay for the expansive media options, capabilities, and innovation that this brand provides. If you are planning to use various media software for your computer, HP gives you a lot of options while staying at a fairly reasonable budget.

Innovation: HP has many new and innovative computers that can make your decision when it comes time to buy. They have recently come out with a wide range of touch screen computers, and excel in the touch industry, but this feature does not come cheap. I would not recommend dishing out hundreds of extra dollars for this feature, but if the idea of a touch screen computer really incises you, HP can get you the computer you want.

Mac: If the reason you are reading this article is because your old computer was ruined by a virus then a Mac is the perfect computer for you. Virus's are made to run of PC type computers and Macs are far less susceptible to pick up a virus. Macs are a higher quality computer and because of this, they will sell for a higher price. Attention PC gamers: most computer games will not run on a mac so if your upgrade is to play your favorite game in a higher quality, Mac will not be the best choice.

When it comes time to purchase that new computer keep in mind the qualities you look for in a computer and the price range you're in.  A good computer is not based on the price or brand it's based on the needs and programs you will use your computer for.


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    • vgf1968 profile image

      vgf1968 7 years ago from Casper, Wyoming

      I help people find the computer that best suits their needs. Your hub is great advice for those shopping for their next computer. I really appreciate the unbiased but accurate information. Thanks!