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Choosing a Good Laptop Screen

Updated on July 10, 2011

Laptop Screen

One of the most important features of a good laptop is the laptop screen. As workers in the information age, we spend a good portion of our time working in front of a laptop. The screen is the single area that we spend most time watching during the day.

If you think about the importance of a good screen, you will easily see that it is one of the most well spent money around. If you get a laptop with a good screen, you will have a lot of enjoyment during many days.

Another way of looking at this issue is considering how much trouble you can save yourself just by buying a laptop with a good screen. Instead of spending many hours per day complaining about the quality of the screen, you can just spend the time having joy. This will increase your productivity, and allow you to make much more money than you would do otherwise.

Features of a Google Laptop Screen

What constitutes a good laptop screen is not always self evident. Some people like wider screens, while some others prefer tall screens. So, some features depend on what you value as an advantage or disadvantage. However, there are some features that are well recognized by everyone as being synonym of quality in screen design. Here are some of these features that you should look for in a laptop:

·       Screen size: the most obvious feature is screen size. Most screens are measured from one corner to the opposite corner, using inches as the preferred measure. It is clear that the bigger the screen the better, but there are variations on the format of the screen. These days, however, pretty much everyone is considering wide screen laptops, because they allows different applications to be arranged size by size.

·        Form factor: The form factor for the laptop is also affected by the kind of screen that you have. Smaller screens will results in laptops with a compact form factor. That is why although it is better to have a laptop with larger screen size, some people will prefer to have a smaller screen, because this will reduce the overall size of the laptop. This is an important consideration, for example, if you are buying a netbook (one of the cheap laptops that are coming to the market).

·        Brightness: depending on the technology used, laptop screens will be brighter, which helps a lot in improving the quality of your work. I suggest you to invest in laptops screens with bright image, because they can help your produce better quality work.

·        Energy consumption: from the point of view of engineering, the screen is one of the components in a laptop that consumes the most energy. It is important to understand if the bigger screen you’re buying will not reduce too much of the life time of your battery.


As you see, buying a laptop with a good screen is possible if you look at a few issues.  Always remember, however, that this is an important part of your laptop, and therefore you should not take it for granted. Always make sure the laptop you’re buying has a screen of good quality, or you may regret buying it for a long time.


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