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Choosing the right printer for your computer

Updated on May 13, 2010
Choosing a printer for your computer, by npclark2k,
Choosing a printer for your computer, by npclark2k,

With the variety of brands and types of printers on the market today, choosing can be very difficult.

If you have some problem deciding or simply, if you have no idea on what kind of printer to buy, you should always do a little research before you purchase. You should ask yourself if you are going to use the printer mainly for photos, graphics or text.

Usually, the choice is based mainly on the amount and kind of work that you want to be able to perform and of course, the cost itself. If possible, you should get a neutral advise from an expert and a print sample first; this should give you a good idea about the print quality and various options like printers that can print directly from DVD‘s, CD‘s, memory cards, cell phones, cameras etc., without the use of your computer. There are also printers that you can share with different computers on a wireless network for wireless printing instead of cable.

Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces
Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces Product Description Ideal for both home and office use, the affordable Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer features network connectivity via wireless/wired interfaces, and prints up to 23 pages per minute at a high-quality resolution, giving your work and personal documents a polished finish colleagues and friends are sure to envy.

HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One Printer
HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Print from any room without using cables, Share your printer with multiple people, Save paper by printing on both sides automatically, Print photos without using a PC, Edit photos and/or manage your printer easily, Print brilliant photos for albums or to enhance business documents, Refill paper less often with a tray that holds 250 sheets or more, Fax, scan and copy multiple pages automatically, Maximum speeds of 35 pages per minute black, 34 ppm color2


Laser and ink-jet are the two main technologies used in printers for computers. If you are looking for a printer capable of great quality prints and you don’t need to make them in large quantity, then the ink-jet is the way to go; only make sure you are choosing a color printer designed for good quality photos. Even though a color ink-jet printer can give you great quality prints, the price is still moderate. Color ink-jets are also cheaper than laser print toner cartridges even though they last less longer.

If you need instead a printer capable of high quality prints and speed, and able to stand a large amount of work, a color laser printer is your best choice, but also the more expensive option, even though is cheaper to run in the long run.

Then there are Multifunction printers that can perform many functions. Multifunction printers can bring together the ability to copy, scan and fax all in one, and can make you save money and time.

If you need to print mainly documents in black and white, you should consider a printer that has an independent black ink tank.

A very important feature that you should pay close attention to is resolution. Resolution is the number of ink dots per square-inch produced (dpi), that will give you the amount of details that a printer can replicate.

Before purchasing a printer, always make sure to check the compatibility with the Operating System and ports (parallel or USB ports) of the printer with your computer.

In conclusion, when making a decision on the purchase of a printer, make sure you consider the use you will have to make, the graphic, photo and text performance and the speed, which is also an important factor if you don‘t have much time on your hands. Also consider the amount of printing you expect to be doing as this is another major element in the decision making process. You ultimately have to compare the total cost not only for the printer itself, but also for the replacement cartridges.

Choosing the right printer for your computer, by ronnieb,
Choosing the right printer for your computer, by ronnieb,
Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet Printer (C11CA45201)
Epson Artisan 50 Color Inkjet Printer (C11CA45201)

This compact and stylish printer ignites all your creative inspirations. Print Ultra Hi-Definition photos with amazing richness, depth and clarity. With auto photo correction, your prints are perfect every time. The Artisan 50 even makes it easy to print your own images and text onto CDs and DVDs.



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