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Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag Tough Weatherproof and Cool

Updated on February 28, 2010

The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is popular for its unique design but its toughness reigns supreme. The materials used are by design – these bags are meant to last through even the roughest treatment. The straps are seat belt strapping and the latch itself is a real seatbelt. Yes, seatbelts as in your car.

Who is Chrome?

The Chrome design was born 14 years ago when the two owners could not find a bag that suited their needs. The entrepreneurial spirit drove those original two guys to produce some of the toughest gear available.

What makes the Chrome Messenger Bag so Tough?

Fabrics used to construct the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag include 1000 denier Cordura, 18 ounce truck tarp liner, seat belt buckle, and seat belt webbing.

The seams are sealed per military specs and no seam is left unsealed. The weatherproof truck tarp liner is used both to seal the seams and as a lining.  

Portions of the bag are totally waterproof so things like wet clothing will not affect any items in other pockets.

The Chrome Messenger is large so how is the Organizational Options

The Chrome Messenger Bag is large. It measures 22 inches wide x 13 inches tall x 7 inches thick when empty.

There are multiple pockets both on the outside and on the inside. There are small pockets that are perfect for pens and pencils under the front flap. Behind those pockets is another larger pocket with a zipper. Behind that pocket is an open topped pocket.  To each side of that pocket there are additional pockets that are deeper and reach towards the bottom of the bag.

At the front edge of the waterproof truck tarp lining there is a strip of heavy duty Velcro. When that Velcro strip is opened the lining will partially pull away from the body of the bag – producing an area that could be used for papers or something like that.

The Body of the bag is a wide open space. I would suggest placing a laptop into a padded laptop sleeve before carrying it in the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag.

The front flap of the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag folds down reaching from top to bottom. Two adjustable straps with reflective stitching latch to keep it closed at the bottom of the bag. To increase safety there is a place at the bottom front of the bag perfect to attach a small light.

A strip of seat belt webbing is attached to the side of the bag. Under the webbing is a strip of very sturdy Velcro. Lift the webbing - attach gadget pouches – and replace the webbing to its original position. Pouches for cell phones and digital cameras often have a belt loop. These make perfect additions to the bags organizational possibilities.

Other Desirable Features of the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

As with most messenger bags the Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is designed to be carried while riding a bike. The overall dimensions of the bag actually look smaller than what it can actually hold.

There is a cross strap that attaches under the arm to stabilize the bag while riding a bike.

A variety of bright colors are available. They are easily seen when riding a bike and are fun whenever and wherever you might go.

Debbie’s Opinion

The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag would probably not be my most used bag but it could definitely have a cherished place in my closet of bags.

I like that they are so sturdy. Sometimes I need to carry heavy computer gear or books and it is comforting that the straps will not rip away from the sides of the bag.

They are trendy and fun. 


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