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Clean Drinking Water the Most Valuable Resource is Becoming Scarce

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Director of Strategy and Operations at Global Water Works. Also an advisor to the Berkeley Catalyst Venture Fund.

The beginning of me in water!

This will not be a scare the pants off of you article. It is an article with facts, experiences and solutions.

First of all, I have not been working in water for very long, only since July 2019. I started as a consulting executive in a water from air start up. This placed me in the middle of the clean drinking water reality. I then joined Global Water Works as Director of Strategy and Operations.

The core of Global Water Works is Global Water Works Connect a free community that brings together people interested in water from all over the world. Members are interested individuals like you, water experts, water technology innovators, water change agents and water investors. The community is represented in 41 countries and 36 states. At the community’s core are small groups that collaborate regularly to discuss and solve problems. Global Water Works was founded and grown for the first five years by Mary Conley Eggert. Mary has gone from interested in water to being recognized as the water industry’s connector and problem solver.

This has been my practical experience with water.

I have traveled the world and have visited developed countries where the water from the water infrastructure was not safe to drink. I have been in third world countries watching people get sick from the water they were drinking from the tap and the gutter. There was not much difference.

Some Facts:

World Health Organization

  • 785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service
  • 144 million people are dependent on surface water
  • At Least two billion people are using a drinking water source contaminated with feces
  • Contaminated water is estimated to cause 485,000 diarrheal deaths each year
  • By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water stressed areas
  • 435 million people are currently taking water from unprotected wells

United States Drinking Water (Reuters) US Drinking Water widely contaminated with forever chemicals. (Movie: Dirty Water)

The chemicals resistant to breaking down in the environment, are known as perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS.

Contaminated water in American Cities:

To some degree, we cannot escape PFAS. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says nearly all Americans have PFAS in their blood, and the health effects of low levels of these forever chemicals are unknown. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed the most dangerous of these - PFOAs and PFOS – as hazardous substances The report found that they are in most water systems. Did you know this?

Recently the drinking water in Flint, Michigan and a number of other cities was found to be unsafe. “After officials repeatedly dismissed claims that Flint’s water was making people sick, residents took action. Here’s how the lead contamination crisis unfolded—and what we can learn from it”

In a test of nearly 170 baby foods, a nonprofit group found 95% of the samples contained heavy metals like lead and arsenic. The contamination is from the water used to produce the Baby Food.

What should you do?
What should you do?

Some Suggestions

Be informed

Tips for finding safer baby food

A few of the suggestions made by the Healthy Babies Bright Futures organization include parents buying rice-free snacks.

Other alternatives include frozen banana, multigrains, oatmeal, fresh fruits and tap water instead of fruit juice.

The Healthy Babies Bright Futures organization says in the report that the Food and Drug Administration should establish a standard for heavy metals and find opportunities to reduce the levels of toxic chemicals in foods.

To reduce the levels of toxic chemicals in many baby foods, the FDA suggested "sourcing rice from fields with lower arsenic levels in soil, growing it with natural soil additives."

HBBF created a petition to the FDA to set health-based limits and protect the growth of the baby brain.

Have your tap water tested:

Simple Water Inc. ,Tap Score and are three companies that will test your water. Take a sample send it to them and they will return the analysis report.

Should you do this? How can you not do this? You say you drink bottled water. Well in his book. Troubled Water, What is Wrong with What We Drink, Seth Siegel a well-known Best-Selling author and water activist, called bottled water a chemical cocktail.

Many solutions are in the mix. The most promising is Atmospheric Water Generation; generating water from the atmosphere. There a number of different technologies and companies with varying water production, daily quantities and costs. Some of the companies that are actively delivering systems are, Watergen, Zero Mass Water, Drinkable Air, AquaViable Solutions Inc. and SkyH2O to name a few.

The real facts are that if we could serve all seven billion people on the planet 50 liters of water each, we would consume 0.002% of the water in the atmosphere and it regenerates. This regeneration gives us an eternal supply of pure water. In Genesis 1:7 “So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so.”

Water from air is explored in the article Water from Air: Pipe Dream or New Frontier written by Mary Conley Eggert and Graham Symmonds

These two experts, Graham has been in Atmospheric Water Generation for over 30 years. The article explores water from air.

We have water challenges throughout the world. Please be aware ( ) and be informed about what is going on with water in your city or town.

If you like you can go to, to check out Global Water Works Connect and begin to participate and be informed.


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