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Clean Energies: Solar Panel

Updated on November 22, 2017

The great biodiversity of living beings and species that exist on Earth are the result of millions of years and are in perfect harmony with the environment they inhabit. The environment is the global system consisting of natural elements such as animals, plants, water, air and artificial as houses, bridges and others.

Among many other factors that threaten biodiversity are climate change, which is related to changes in regional weather patterns, and its main pollutant is carbon dioxide which is produced by large industries, the burning of coal mining, forest fires and vehicles that use gasoline.

Clean or renewable energies are those that take advantage of the natural energy flows of the planet and constitute an inexhaustible source of energy flow and that is constantly renewed.

Wind energy can be said that in the past it was used to propel marine ships and move grain mills. Today it is used to generate electricity in a clean and safe way.

Solar energy is the energy use in thermal form of the energy that comes from the Sun. It is currently used mostly in remote regions and even in space. This energy has the following advantages:

1) It comes directly from the sun,

2) It is certain form is inexhaustible and is calculated to last millions of years,

3) It doesn´t pollute,

4) It exists throughout the world,

5) It's cheaper as the technology develops,

6) It allows the development without exploiting the environment

7) Installing and uninstalling your devices doesn´t harm the environment.

To produce electrical energy we need solar panels or solar cells and store it in batteries, before using it in lighting systems, motors and other machines. The materials for solar cells are usually crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide. Although in the US the solar energy produced only represents 0.4%, it has a great future. Next I show you a video where I use a generic solar cell of 0.9 Vdc and 400 mA t in which I move a small motor of 0.1 A and also recharge a 1.5 V battery.


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    • guillengap profile imageAUTHOR

      Guillermo Perez Guillen 

      15 months ago from Mexico City

      That already happens in Europe and the batteries last for three to five years ... everything depends on the large transnationals that move their interests towards oil ... I hope that in five years the change will be made because there can be a global energy collapse

    • NMLady profile image


      15 months ago from New Mexico & Arizona

      When do you think we will have storage batteries that work with a home system? Do some countries already have them?


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