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Clever Facebook Status Messages

Updated on September 30, 2012
A funny Facebook Status Message
A funny Facebook Status Message

Creative Facebook Status Updates

Do you have seen the funny status messages of your friends and wanted to write some creative and funny status updates on Facebook?

Witty and funny faccebook status messages create a great impression on your friend and also on the strangers who will visit your profile. But writing a smart facebook status is not easy. sometimes many ideas come to your mind but when you used this idea for a clever status update- well no good results come.

Here are some clever and witty Facebook status messages which will make you instant hit among your friends circle.

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Seven Funny Facebook Status Messages

1) My whole life is a lie..but I fight for truth

2) I shall never be the president…all right take the sit if you can!

3) I hate money and so I need to have so much money that I never have to think about it.

4) Hey boyfriend of all the hot chicks ready for horns.

5) I am trying to find out the sexiest person, if you are please knock..I shall happily transfer you the crown.

6) I like facebook but I love checkbook.

7) Are you angry now? Then I shall advice you to drive your will be relieved of you.

Some Clever Status Updates for Facebook

Smart Facebook Statuses

1) Warning: Objects of this facebook profile picture are hotter than they appear.

2) —————–✄———————- cut the rope.

3) Best font of the world: Comic Sans MS, worst font of the world: A Doctor’s Prescription.

4) X has forgotten the days when the Sunrise was red, when trees were greener and Blackberry and Apple were only fruits.

5) If A=1 and Z=26 then I am 3-15-15-12!

6) If Z=26 and A=1 then you are a 4-15-15-21!

Funny Facebook Status Message

More Facebook Status Updates

1) I know how to shut up but I don’t know when.

2) Smile please because it is the second best thing you can do with your lips.

3) X is jumping from a plane without a parachute! He had a jet pack!

4) X is now forcing his/her cat to learn Facebook.

5) Never trust a blind man with an AK47

6) X was so drunk last night that while walking across the dance floor he/ she has the award of the best dancer!

7) X thinks that women should run the world to give men time to enjoy sports and beer.

8) X knows that he is cool but he lives inside a freezer.

9) I gonna tell you that I am a looser to let you be a winner.

10) My dog is eating money from my wallet! I renamed it as "Government".

Clever and Smart Statuses

1) X was never a toddler.

2) It’s ok guys I am dreaming.

3) Being drunk is not in my habit I just becomes out of control.

4) X has met with a person who is as stupid as he appears.

5) My ambition was to be a failure and I have succeeded. Am I a success or failure ?

6) Beware and Behold! The center of the Facebook Universe!

7) I crashed because I have a car insurance but not a health insurance and I was ill.

8) Do you want to feel like a fool? Show your status message to any sane public.

9) Beginning is a art but ending is a science.

10) Every nights in my dream... I shall not tale you what takes place :)


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    • profile image

      mikeydcarroll67 2 years ago

      Love it!

    • profile image

      Chelsea 4 years ago

      I love these status updates keep it up!♡