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ClickBank Is Not a Scam

Updated on May 4, 2011

Is ClickBank a Scam?

ClickBank serves as the trusted intermediary for informational products publishers, affiliate marketers, and consumers. It is supposed to be a no-loss but-gain, closed network solution for all participants including the consumer who pays the money, since he may refund his money if he is not satisfied.

ClickBank pays publishers, affiliate marketers and dissatisfied clients. They have a totally secure platform and a state of the art fraud protection, then where scam -if present- originates in ClickBank? This is the subject of this hub.

ClickBank is not a Scam but Some Sales Letters Implies Scam

If there is any scam on ClickBank then it is in some sales letters, since so many training programs teach marketers that they should hypnotize prospects in their sales letters.

They send the message that they know their prospect wants, and create a feeling inside him that this is what he actually needs, they play on his feeling of satisfaction regardless of his actual needs.

It is a gray area where the prospect takes a long way to analyze it into black and white, he learns a bit here and a bit there, and there is no other way to do that because the internet is a think-tank of the whole world with different thoughts and ideas.

But what if the prospects is an experienced marketer, you ask - well, many sales pages letters are misleading because of bad marketing. Many times the publisher expands his target to include all internet users, other times the hype words used improperly deviate the message sent to prospects.

Bad Marketing and Scam Suspicion on ClickBank

Competition leads some marketers to forget the basics they should know well, and unless it is a package that covers so many aspects of marketing like "Butterfly" of Mike Filsaime- which many people could not afford- they should consider the following aspects :

Target: They should target a specific group of prospects or a specific aspect of marketing. There are the just arrivedĀ  prospects, the confused marketers, and the experienced marketers who need outsourcing, there are also building websites, traffic, affiliate marketing, ClickBank, advertising, PPC, PPV, CPA .. etc.

Claims: Since internet marketing is a series of acts through the final goal, the producer of a product for traffic for example thinks that the traffic requires a destination, then he includes claims about websites, then the traffic should be monetized and he includes claims about monetization ..etc.

I don't deny linking steps to each other, I mean over-hype that dilutes the message or cconfuses the prospect ( or why people search forumsĀ  and review sites).

Bonus : Number of included items with a product becomes an evaluating factor of a new product, whether they serve its goal or not. It is far better if the bonus included complements the job of a product, regardless of their number.

If the marketer does not find a complementary product in his arsenal, he may exchange that product with another marketer, it is much better for both and for the consumer.

Affiliates prefer the easy way since they are led to what to do. The most common tactic they use is to compare 2 products making one of them inferior to the product they promote.

They never collect information about complaints of customers or number of refunds of the product at one side, or the service it does for the buyer on the other side. Their promotion distracts the attention of prospects away from solving their own problems, and seeking the suitable product to solve them.

Are The Top 2 Products on ClickBank a Scam

As an example of the confusion of many people about new products, that is created by many factors, I found some controversy about the top 2 products in E-business &E-marketing category on ClickBank. If they are scam, why they come in the first 2 positions with huge gravity (calculated over 8 weeks) and big fans, unless there are misinterpretation and confusion somewhere, let us see:

Auto Traffic Avalanche

Some people see that Auto Traffic Avalanche is a scam. This Hubber thinks that it is a merely URL cloaker which is used to to dupe Facebook stuff when they view the URL you (the advertiser) send them for approval.

According to the previous scheme we find the following facts:

Product : Software

Target : Marketers with some experience

Mission :Traffic from Facebook and Plenty Of Fish

Claims : They claim that you will earn great money very short after you buy it, and if you don't get results you will get refund and $100. They claim automation but for ads you've already made to contain your proper offer.

Bonus : None

Auto Traffic Avalanche
Auto Traffic Avalanche

Zero Cost Commission

Unsatisfied people want more from it but they see it generally not bad.

Product : 100 pages PDF guide to Affiliate Marketing + Software to build review websites to endorse affiliate products

Target : Completely Start Up Newbies

Mission : Affiliate Marketing

Claims : They claim that you will start an instant long lasting affiliate business without spending money through focused promotion

Bonus : None

Zero Cost Commission
Zero Cost Commission


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    • profile image

      Stan 6 years ago


      Their affiliate constantly spam me. They use phony email addresses, many do not have remove links.

      I have asked CB to remove me from all list numerous times but to no avail.

      Apparently CB does not monitor their affiliates very well or those affiliate wouldn't keep spamming people in violation ofnthe Can Spam Act.

    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      Very useful article.

    • ocean980 profile image

      ocean980 7 years ago from Perth, Western Australia

      I really don't know why people focus themselves on the 'scam' mentality. This focusing on scams can only lead to failure and unhappiness, in my opinion. Get positive, people. G.