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CoPromote Review: Reach New Audiences with Viral Marketing

Updated on November 29, 2017


UPDATE 2017: Copromote no longer available. It stopped being active on social media in May 2017. No further information available about when it will be back online.

About CoPromote

CoPromote was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York, USA. Their website defines CoPromote as “a network of creators dedicated to helping each other reach new and larger audiences”. Crunchbase describes CoPromote as: “A dedicated cross-promotion network that scales social sharing like never before”.

In December 2015 CoPromote raised $3.17 million in equity funding to expand its operations. As of late 2015, the CoPromote network has more than 800,000 content creators with a potential reach of 15 million people a day.

In a nutshell, CoPromote users (CoPromoters) discover and share content recommending it to their social media followers.

Shareable content can come from Twitter, YouTube, Vine or Tumblr.

How CoPromote Works

CoPromote helps content creators reach new audiences, amplifying their outreach.

Reach is calculated in number of followers so, for example, if one Twitter user with 10,000 followers retweets your content once, 10,000 is your reach total.

The reach system works as a bank account: you need to earn some reach first by sharing other people's content (usually 6K reach bonus per retweet) and by asking other people to join CoPromote (approximately 5K reach bonus). If you have a free account, you can only get boosted if you promote other people's content first. Alternatively, you can buy a premium subscription and buy reach upfront.

When CoPromote users share your content, a reach amount will be deducted from your total. For example, if your total is 30K reach and two people with 10K followers each retweet your content, your reach balance will be 10K.

Content is boosted for only 4 days after the boost ends and will need to share a different piece of content.

CoPromote can be used to boost content across the following social media platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

It is available on iOS and Android.

CoPromote Screenshot



Prices range from $49/month to $499/month (2016 prices). Premium services allow for unlimited boosts and additional reach.

CoPromote Native Phone App vs Web Version

Native App: Pros
Native App: Cons
Web Version: Pros
Web Version: Cons
Much faster than the web version and easy workflow
After receiving feedback from users who couldn't filter out CoPromoters you are not interested in, you can now block users
You can add your favourite topics
Quite slow to load up, especially after log in
Easier to share posts
You can't add or edit your favourite topics
You can filter out (or even block) spammy CoPromoters or CoPromoters you are not interested in
You can rate and review posts from members (feature added after receiving feedback from users)
Screens out fake twitter profiles

There are pros and cons for the native app and the web version.

How Useful is CoPromote to Help Your Content Go Viral?

CoPromote is useful for:

  • getting more retweets
  • getting more Twitter followers without having to go on a following spree
  • discovering new content and connect with new people

There is a clear potential for your content to go viral, as long as you keep engaging with other CoPromoters.

In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages in paying for a premium subscription. The clear advantage is, of course, that you can reach a wider audience and you are allowed to boost an unlimited number of posts.

The downside to this, though, is that if you boost too many tweets other users may consider you a bit spammy, and, because you are paying for the service, you are less inclined to share other people's posts while you are relying on others to share your posts (and they are likely to be people using the free service who have more of an incentive to share other people's posts).

Retweets don't necessarily mean conversions: looking at my web analytics, I noticed that traffic to my website was almost entirely from organic searches.

Twitter Results with CoPromote

Click thumbnail to view full-size

My Experience Using CoPromote

I joined CoPromote in early 2016 thanks to the recommendation from award-winning American mezzo soprano Bridgette Cooper.

In the first few weeks, I shared 6 tweets (out of the 6 I had to “kill” one that wasn't getting any engagement). The results were pretty impressive: 66 total retweets and a reach of 333.2K new people, ie, tweeters I wouldn't normally be able to engage with.

My star tweet, ie, the tweet that was boosted the most on CoPromote, received 47 retweets, of which 43 were exclusively from CoPromote with an estimated reach of 145,818 followers on Twitter (according to Twitter analytics, that tweet received 5,262 organic impressions and 17 clicks on my article). Usually, my most popular tweets receive a maximum of 5 organic retweets.

Boosted Tweet Using CoPromote - Stats


CoPromote Boost: Twitter Analytics


Are You Going to Try CoPromote?

Do you think you may consider using CoPromote for your outreach strategy?

See results

CoPromote: Verdict

CoPromote has certainly helped me raise my Twitter engagement and reach out to new audiences.

Update: I no longer use CoPromote as it is not available.


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