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Coir Spinning - Geo Textiles.Eco Friendly. Herbal Mattress.

Updated on February 8, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

2M ENGINEERS C-74, 3RD STAGE, PEENYA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, Bangalore - 560058, Karnataka, India Phone:91-80-28361581 Fax:91-80-41171080 Key Personnel Mr. Manjunath

COIR SPINNING MACHINE. Photo:-  Courtesy - 2M Engineers,Bangalore.
COIR SPINNING MACHINE. Photo:- Courtesy - 2M Engineers,Bangalore.

Coir Spinning Machines.

Courtesy - 2M Engineers.
Courtesy - 2M Engineers.

Coir Carpets making Machine.

Coir Roll for Red Carpet.

Photo:- Courtesy - 2M Engineers.
Photo:- Courtesy - 2M Engineers.

Coconut is Kolinoka & Kool Mattress.

Coconut Tree and Coconuts.

We all know coconut,we have tasted it and even we have coconut water with Rum the best cocoktail drink that we have enjoyed.

Do you know what they do with coconut Figs.

They use it in 5 star hotels to make roof for Huts whch look cool and beautiful.

Our villages in India use it extensively for their homes not only as roof but as mats.

They make doors and brooms for sweeping the floor every where.

They are sold in cities in road sweeping and even in homes out side their home.

The Brooms are waterproof and water gets dried soon.

Such Brooms helps in avoiding bacteria getting in and spreading all over the place.

The outer portion of coconut if processed as required can be made in to Yarn.

The process is simple dry the husks, of the outer portion of coconut and take out the fibers and process them on machines that open the fiber thoroughly and make it very fluffy.The fibers made fluffy are fed to a machine which converts it to yarn.

2 Ply Coir Yarn Spinning Machine.

This double head 2 ply coir yarn spinning machine with single conveyor direct fibre feeding attachment is low cost machine eliminated complete use of Slivers and Slivering machine itself. This machine can produce 2 ply coir yarn from 100 running (8 mm thick) to 260 running(3 mm thick) yarn by simply controlling the fibre feeding on the conveyor provided. Production capacity is 60 Kgs for thicker variety and 16 kgs for thinner variety. Only operator is sufficient to run the machine and only run on 0.75 HP single motor made in Bangalore by 2M Engineers.

Coir Needle Felt Machine:-

Coir non woven felt rolls are made from needle felt machine and machines are manufactured by 2M ENGINEERS, BANGALORE, INDIA.

These machines are high productivity at 2000 square meter per shift and available in widths ranging from 2 feet,4,5,6,and 8 feets and felt widths are made to order. the Main applications of these felt rolls are in the areas of soil erosion control, road building, river bed protection,horticulture applicatons,basket liner,cocopoles,coir ply sheets ranging from 3mm to 25mm thickness etc.

KERALA and KARNATAKA have Govt Controlled units manufacturing coir products.

Coir products are exported to many country.

Coir mats may be used for many used including Geo Engineering.

Coir is better than Cotton or Wool since we can eat,work and earn.

Coconut water is 100% pure.

Coconut water is 100% bacteria free.

Coconut makes Oil.

Coconut oil is used for many purposes including our fried food available only in Kerala.

One coconut tree gives 400 coconuts per year that is 1 per day which a family of 5 needs.

Coconut Husk is coir it gives employment,it brings foriegn exchange.





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