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Coleman LED Quad Lantern Indoors or Outdoors

Updated on November 15, 2010


Coleman is a name well recognized by anyone that loves the outdoors or that grew up in a family that camping out was almost an every weekend event. Roughing it was not so bad with a Coleman stove and a Coleman lantern. Coleman camping gear is known for quality and durability and even though the company was started over 100 years ago, their products have are still top of mind for anyone spending time outdoors.

Over the years Coleman has stayed up to date with the newest technology. The Coleman Quad Lantern is a perfect example. Most of us know what a lantern is and are somewhat familiar of how they work. In the past we had to be very careful when handling a lantern due to the fuel used and the heat generated by the globes. Now handling a Coleman Lantern is safe enough for anyone in the family.


The Coleman Quad Lantern uses LED lights that are powered by batteries. There is no heat to burn you and there is nothing to spill that could cause a fire. The Quad Lantern can operate as a single lantern providing 190 lumens or can be separated to operate as four separate independent lanterns that provides approximately 26 feet of light. When separated each section has its own six 5mm white LED lights, its own handle, its own on-off switch and its own rechargeable NiMH battery. As the charge runs down each section can be replaced into the lantern base to recharge. The Coleman Quad Lantern base uses eight D-Cell batteries and can hold a charge for approximately 75 hours while each separated section holds a charge for approximately 1.5 hours.


Outdoor parties are a great use for the Coleman Quad Lantern. Instead of having one large table for the guests you can have several more intimate ones. Each table can use one of the lantern sections to provide enough light to eat and visit by. The kids can play in the backyard while mom and dad enjoy the hot tub – and each one can have their own light. Taking the dog for a walk after dark is safer when you carry adequate lighting.

The Coleman Quad Lantern can also be used indoors. There are no fumes so ventilation is not an issue. Carry it down the hall on the way to the bathroom without waking others with harsh overhead lights. If the electricity goes out for any reason each family member can have their own lantern so that they can move about without bumping into the furniture. The kids can camp out in the family room. The Quad Lantern could make them feel like they are playing in a tent with only the light of the lantern to see by.

Set the Coleman Quad LED Lantern in the window next to the front door for the holidays. It will guide your party quests to the fun to be had inside.


If you plan to travel after dark – even just going to the grocery store – you should take some kind of light with you in the event of an accident or a stall. Separate the sections and place one in the back window and one in the front window. It is dangerous to sit on the side of the road when other drivers cannot see you. Use another section of the Quad lantern for enough light to use your cell phone to call for help.

The Coleman name provides confidence that the Coleman Quad Lantern will be ready for you whenever you want or need to use it.


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    • JohnBarret profile image

      JohnBarret 7 years ago

      LED is the future.....currently spreading with the speed of light.

    • wilsontom profile image

      wilsontom 7 years ago from new delhi

      for a long adventurous journey this kind of light is really an helpful one.

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 7 years ago from USA

      I totally agree. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Astride Knighted profile image

      Astride Knighted 7 years ago

      The Coleman LED Quad Lantern sounds like a great addition to anyone's emergency kit as well as outdoor recreation use. I like the 75 hours of battery life.