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Collection of Nokia Pink Color Mobile Phones

Updated on November 18, 2011

Collection of Nokia Pink color Mobile Phones

Few days back I created a poll on Facebook about voting your favourite mobile phone and Nokia emerged as the most voted mobile brand. That's indeed true. People including me :) really love Nokia for its simplicity.

Nokia has been releasing a lot of different mobile phones meeting the different demand of people. Apart from these demands, girls would surely love to add one more demand, guess what? PINK color mobile phones; it's well known fact that girls love pink color and surely they would love pink color mobile phones. I have seen in my place few many girls prefer pink color mobile phones but it's sad that it's very rare to find.

Nokia has been releasing many pink color mobile phones in the recent months. The latest Nokia mobile phones have also pink color, that's awesome. Actually the best part of Nokia is that they are not restricted to one color, if your observe most of their released mobiles in the recent few months you would see that most of these mobile comes in multi-colored option giving us an option to select our favourite color. That's brilliant way of satisfying their customers. Love you Nokia.

Guys! Don't be too excited and rush to the mobile store to grab one of those pink mobile phones, you would be easily targeted as GAY. Yeah it's nowadays common worldwide that any male who likes pink are known as GAY. That's really rude but that's how mentality works. Anyway welcome to the Collection of Nokia Pink Color Mobile Phones.


Nokia Lumia Series Pink Mobile Phones

Last month, October 2011 Nokia has revealed a new series of mobile phone called Lumia series. Here we are going to discuss about Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Both these mobiles operate in Windows OS. This is the first time Nokia has released mobile with Windows. These two mobiles already hit the market on some countries; by 2012 it will reach all the market worldwide.

The exact price of Lumia 800 in the market is not yet known but the rumor is that it is priced around INR 28,000 and that of Lumia 710 is INR 20,000. Now that's really a hefty amount people would have to pay to get one and obviously out of reach of common middle budgeted people.
Let's see what it is made of, Lumia 800specifications:
1. 3.7" touchscreen with AMOLED display
2. Social integration like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Chat, SMS etc
3. Fast web browsing with IE 9, HTML 5, WiFi
4. 8MP Camera with dual LED flash
5. 16GB internal memory
6. In-built Games and Apps

Specifications of Lumia 710 are quite similar except the three differences I have noticed and they are: -
1. Display - Lumia 710 has TFT display whereas Lumia 800 has AMOLED display.
2. Memory - Lumia 710 has 8GB internal memory whereas Lumia 800 has 16GB internal memory.
3. Camera - Lumia 710 has 5 megapixels with single LED flash whereas Lumia 800 has 8 megapixels with dual LED flash.

Anyone over here; who have bought and experienced the Lumia 800 or Lumia 710 mobile phones? Please do share your experience.


Nokia N8 - Best Pink Smartphone so far

Nokia N8 is not only best pink smartphone; in fact this is the most successful smartphone for Nokia throughout the year 2011. When people are headed to Android mobile phones, this the only one product from Nokia which kept people interested in. The five color selection options made more interesting for people.

The specifications of Nokia N8 are very interesting: -

  1. Display - 3.5" touchscreen with AMOLED display
  2. Camera - 12 megapixels with Carl Zeiss and Xenon flash.
  3. Memory - 16GB internal memory with expandable up to 48 GB
  4. Navigation - GPS, WiFi Positioning, Compass, accelerometer
  5. OS - Symbian 3

This Nokia N8 is priced around INR 23,000 in the market.


Nokia Asha Series Pink Mobile Phones

Nokia has revealed its new Asha series mobile phones on last month October, 2011. Right now we are going to talk about Asha 300 and Asha 200. Both of these mobiles have rich features according to their current market price. Asha 300 is priced worth INR 6000 - INR 7000 whereas Asha 200 is priced worth INR 3000 - INR 5000.

Asha 300 like the number is bigger; it also has richer features also than the other one. It has touchscreen display along with 5 megapixels Camera, 3G, and Wi-Fi and 1GB processors. Other features are numeric keyboard, 140MB internal memory, social integration.

On the other hand, Asha 200 has dual SIM with SWAP facility, means you can switch between two SIMS without rebooting your mobile. That's awesome; people are really going to love it. Another feature worth mentioning is its QWERTY keyboard. It enables users for easy typing and messaging. It comes in eight multi-color options letting us to choose our favourite colors. That's really cool part. That's why it is called "many mobiles in one".


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I Love this pink

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      whre is nokia c3

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Cool hub. I have seen plenty of color in Mobile phones, but never thought Nokia has a this kind of a collection. I really liked the N8.


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