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Combining Social Media and Fan Fiction to develop interactivity with your Twitter audience

Updated on November 2, 2011

Copywriter Peggy Olsen, Mad Men


How Social Media and Fan Fiction can co-exist

This morning I was on Social Media examiner and found an interesting article on how a woman named Carri Bugbee used a television character named Peggy Olsen from Mad Men to help with her marketing. What started out as a fun idea turned into a great idea as a way to engage fellow followers into a world of fiction and reality. This article was so interesting that on my site I had to make a post about it and how you can expand your brand on Twitter.

What's very interesting is that Carri decided to just make a fan fiction Twitter just for fun when it was basically marketers and different technological companies on Twitter. It was around August 2008, that she made the account and a lot of people were following her (obviously, huge fans of the show). What ended up happening is that AMC found out about the account and subsequently ended reporting it to Twitter, and it got suspended. However, not too long later there were a lot of different articles that made a stir towards AMC. A lot of people became dissatisfied that their character's Twitter had been suspended.

The result, they re-opened the account and Carri was able to use the fan fiction Twitter again as a means for branding purposes. See, my point is that utilizing new tactics on a platform such as social media can have a very positive affect because it's bringing fantasy to life. It's an excellent way to stay in contact with the core audience, and provides them an incentive to keep in touch with the show. I thought this was pretty ingenious, and more marketing people should do something like this: having a character or a spokesman that will help to bridge the gap between reality and sort of fantasy. It provides a really interesting niche that target fans will love.

Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about:

Carri Bugbee interview

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