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Comcast Review

Updated on October 21, 2013

As a former customer of Comcast, I have to say that my experience with this company was disappointing at best. Honestly, the cable service was not that great and yet it was very expensive. I was being charged over one hundred dollars for mediocre service and minimum channels. The cable service kept breaking up and the internet service just refused to work most of the time.

Almost every day I lost the internet connection while browsing online or even before I got a chance to login. People kept stealing my network and the service had many outages. Not a pleasant experience at all. I was stupid enough not to ask for a credit for the service disruptions and actually paid full price. The company never automatically reimbursed me for the outages although they were aware of them. I was taken for a fool.

Finally, when I have had enough with their high price and crappy service, I called the disconnect department in hopes of getting a better deal. Well, I ended up getting an angry African American woman on the phone who gave me a big attitude for not reason at all no matter what I asked her. I got so irritated that after this I just decided to quit the company and I gave that woman a horrible rating on the survey and I also left a formal complaint about her.

The only good part about this company is that someone actually called me back right away regarding my complaint. However, at that point it was too late and I really did not want to deal with anyone at that point. I have had enough. Also, when you have a complaint, you can get a supervisor on the phone right away. Now with companies like Verizon, this is not the case.

Right now I have Verizon and they have crappy customer service too. I mean in this company the representatives are legally allowed to hang up on you if they do not like the way the conversation is going. Also, they never have supervisors available to speak with right away. You always have to wait for a call back which unfortunately never actually occurs.

So when the day finally came that the technician came to my home to pick up equipment, Comcast made sure to include some modem coming from my other apartment which they forgot to remind me about until the day of the disconnect. I was so stressed over this. I had to call Comcast while the technician was at my home and just scream at them until they waived any charges for the extra piece of equipment. Nothing but stress I tell you.


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