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How to Get Commercial Free Radio

Updated on September 27, 2011

Getting Music, Only Music, on Radio

Is it possible to get commercial free radio? Yes.

Radio made music available to the masses. Prior to radio, music was heard primarily at performances. Radios were fairly affordable, smaller than a Victrola, and allowed their listeners to experience a wide variety of new music and entertainment. Of course, beyond music they offered talk radio, radio shows, and yes, commercials. Over time, DJ's came along with all of their banter too. The amount of music available on radio began to diminish.

For those who love their music but don't want to bother listening to the banter and the commercials, there are other options. If you prefer listening to your favorites or exploring a wide world of listening, it's out there if you look for it in the right places.

Commercial Free Radio Options

There are a couple of commercial free, or nearly commercial free radio options.

  • Satellite Radio
    Satellite radio is nearly commercial free and it offers great sound quality and nearly limitless range. The station you're listening to at home on satellite radio won't fade if you turn it on in the car and drive 100 miles; or 1,000 miles. Of course you have to purchase special satellite radio receivers to tune it in and pay a small monthly fee for the service as well. It's pretty affordable, just over $10/month but it's not free.
  • Internet Radio
    Internet radio is newer to the market. With it, you can buy an internet radio player and connect with WiFi so that it's more portable. There is plenty of free music to be had on the internet but there are paid services as well. Certainly, much of internet radio is commercial free but clearly you must have an internet connection available to make use of it.
  • Commercial Free FM Radio
    For those who like local radio there is another option. There is now a device on the market that will record FM radio, automatically stripping out commercials and DJ talk; similar to the way a DVR from your cable or satellite company or a TiVO will do. It will record that music onto a small portable MP3 player that comes with the radio. You can then take your FM radio music anywhere and listen without commercials and so forth. This is a great option also for anyone who doesn't want to have to bother with downloading, an internet connection, and so forth. It's the Abbee commercial free radio.

About the Abbee Commercial Free Radio

The Abbee AB001 is an FM radio tuner which is designed for sitting on a table top. However, it includes a docking station and small portable music player as well. You can listen to your radio through the built in speakers or the music player and earphones.

This device will automatically record music while it's software strips out commericals and so forth. It will provide many hours of uninterrupted music as it records the music in MP3 format. In fact, it has 2 GB of storage allowing it to hold 500 songs.

It's simple to use as you don't have to download anything or even have a computer or internet connection. It has raised buttons that allow you to skip, pause, fast forward, and rewind. Saving and deleting music is as simple as pressing a single button. It's also accessible by individuals who are blind or have low vision as each button has a distinct shape.

It's affordable as there are no ongoing service fees.

It comes with FM radio, portable music player, a lanyard, earphones, and 12 hour built-in rechargeable battery.

This commercial free radio may be a good choice for anyone who doesn't want to pay a monthly fee or deal with getting an internet connection. It's something that any tech shy seniors might particularly enjoy.


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    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      Great information here. I don't listen to the radio very much precisely because I can't stand the commercials! There are some good options here, thank you.

      Love and peace