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Common FB etiquette tips

Updated on February 29, 2012

FB etiquette

When it comes to FB etiquette some people are clueless. There are some basic etiquette rules that all people should abide by. The first rule that people should abide by is the no airing dirty laundry rule. People should never ever put their personal, negative or degrading statuses up. This can cause negative attention and it is just embarrassing for many reasons.

When a person likes your status, then it is a good idea to like one of their statuses too. It is like returning a favor in a way. The same goes for comments. When a Facebook friend leaves a comment, then you should leave a comment back on one of the statuses or on their profile. However you should wait at least a day or two before returning the favor because commenting or liking right after they liked or commented something of yours, will look a little creepy.

A good FB etiquette tip is do not be creepy. Way to many people do not understand this. If somebody denies your friend request, then do not keep requesting that person over and over again. This is rude and creepy. Do not go and like every single status that every single person puts up. Never ever comment on every single photo that a Facebook friend has up on their profile because this screams creepy. Leaving one or two photo comments is alright but leaving five, six, ten or more is kind of crossing the line a little bit.

You should never put up provocative photos or nude photos on FB. This is wrong in so many different ways and can give the wrong impression to people.

These are just a few FB etiquette tips that should always be followed. If you follow these tips, then you should be alright on Facebook.


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