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Communication by other species are in no way inferior to present advancement in technology!

Updated on August 26, 2013

How other species adopted to strange ways of communication?

Communication is the finest tool in human evolution. The Stone Age man communicated through signs and symbols. It took many thousands of years for human to advance to oral communications. Though the primitive man was capable of making some odd sounds at times of danger or peril, those sounds must be the base for evolution of certain specific words to express something. None has taught him words or numerals. It was spontaneous expressions and sounds that evolved into certain spoken words. These primitive sounds are basis for the present day learning. Of course, the symbols and signs played an important role in the early era of communication. Let us imagine how verbal communications and written one has evolved into great strides. That too after the invention of computers, learning gathered much momentum in all the disciplines of education.

We can compare human communication with that of animals and birds. The expression of different feelings by the chimpanzees and apes are the ways to know how the primitive man might have communicated. We have observed the apes which expresses anger, triumph and fear etc. We have seen monkeys grinning just like human being. In fact, it is an expression of anger or fear and not of amusement as per zoologists. Communication is really sharing and interacting. Man cannot live as an isolated one in a society and community. He has to necessarily communicate his feeling with others.

In fact, loneliness causes depression and melancholy in any body. It is the practice of Jail authorities to isolate certain criminals. It will affect their mind and induce a kind of psychological fear so that they will mend their ways. Like animals, human beings are adapted to living in groups. It is how civilization has evolved in many parts of the world. We have seen groups of animals caring for their offspring. In every species of animals, the younger ones are cared and protected by other grown up animals. Only after it grows up to take care of itself, the animals go away from its mother’s care. This is the case of all the species of living beings from aquatic one to birds and other land dwelling small creatures. Even insects care for their young ones. We have heard how a colorful butterfly evolves from a worm. How the worm is poked many a times by the wasp. These are also certain ways of communication for growth. Each sting passes many hormones needed for the worm to grow into a beautiful butterfly.

Ants moving in rows touch the ants coming from the opposite direction. By this act, they really communicate. That is how the source of their feed is located. They travel even a kilometer to their source of food like dead vegetation, dead insects and other sources. Now information has passed on between the ants by mere touching. It may be seen as a primitive way but in fact it is the most advanced one even in the standards of computer data sharing. We have heard about bats locating their prey from the sound waves. This is also an advanced mode of communication. This is how dolphins and whales communicate through sounds in the deep sea.

Today we marvel at the speed with which instant communications are achieved in the net environment. But many such capacities were inherent in the animals, birds, fishes and insects. Since none has researched deeply in the ways of communication of other species, we boast as the inventers of high speed internet etc.

communication of different species!


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