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Communications Gear For Paintball and Geocaching

Updated on October 19, 2011

Radios For Pantball and Geocaching

There are some fun options for paintball communications gear. At the top of the list is the Garmin Rhino mapping GPS.

A GPS can be essential gear to surviving a paintball game. Mapping GPS allows you to locate hiding areas, stream beds and potential cover in the form of contour lines where the terrain suddenly drops off

A good FRS-GMRS radio to communicate with your team mates is also crucial to winning a game of paintball. With earphone - mic headsets you can communicate discretely and sneak up as a group on your opponent.

Now Garmin has combined the best of these two technologies in the Rhino series of Mapping GPS and GMRS-FRS radios which are ideal for paintball communication and for sports like hiking and geocaching as well.

One of the best features on the Rhino is the ability to see your companions movements on the mapping GPS. The Rhino communicates your position along with your team members live onscreen. As you talk you can coordinate an attack.

Don't worry though, as long as you use the security code feature your opponents will not be able to see your position. The odds that they will tune in on your communication are small since there are so many channels.

The GMRS channels are the most powerful and reach the farthest., For paintball communication in rough terrain you can choose a GMRS channel for long range transmission.

In the FRS or Family Radio Service mode there are more channels however these do not transmit as far. This can be an advantage though since you may find quiter channels with less traffic in the FRS mode.

As paintball radio gear goes the Garmin Rhino costs more than a stand alone radio or cheap GPS but you only have to buy one unit.

You just have one device to worry about carrying during a paintball game instead of a separate radio and GPS.

The Garmin Rhino is ideal for paintball because it is compact and lightweight and comes in camo colors.

For your next game of paintball consider adding some high tech paintball communication gear to your arsenal.

You just might find that the Garmin Rhino gives you the edge that you need to win.

For geocachers the Rhino works just as well. Two team members can approach the location of a cache, see each other on the screen and double the odds of finding a hidden cache.

The Garmin Rhino, How It Works.


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