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Comparing Two Wireless Routers

Updated on February 13, 2015

EnGenius Wireless Routers

Which Wireless Router is Better

Which is better EnGenius ETR9330 Wireless N Compact Travel Router OR EnGenius EVR100 Wireless N Security VPN Router with Gigabit Switches?

If you compare both these routers everyone have its own importance, what you should buy is your choice which depends upon your need and requirement.

EnGenius ETR9330 was built for portability purpose so it doesn’t have any port switch while EnGenius EVR100 has 4 port switches for use.

When it comes to speed and frequency band both the devices offer speed 300Mbps and frequency band 2.4 GHz.

EnGenius ETR9330 is light weight compact and travel router, the magnetic base makes it easy for mounting anywhere to get better reception. You can use it anywhere you want. While EnGenius EVR100 doesn’t offers such convenience.

EnGenius ETR9330 Offers wide range of Network/ transport Protocols. It support following protocols:




Along with following Protocols supported by EnGenius EVR100.

· L2TP



· IPsec

Data link layer protocol support is greater in EnGenius EVR100 it supports Gigabit Ethernet in addition with normal 802.11b/n/g which is supported by EnGenius ETR9330.

Security feature is better in EnGenius EVR100 than EnGenius ETR9330 still you can’t neglect EnGenius EVR100 security feature since it comes with firewall.

EnGenius Wireless Security VPN Router

EnGenius ETR9330 Wireless N Travel Router Review

It provides excellent signal strength, coverage and speed. Magnetic base is again very useful and interesting you can stick it anywhere for better reception.

It is very easy to setup and use. It comes with one push setup facility which makes it very easy to configure. If you don’t have any experience with Wi-Fi router this will not disappoint you, you can set it up and use it in minutes.

It comes standard power cord which is easy to find. Power cord is tiny and don’t have bulky transformer. Chances of power cord getting lost are quite high since it is travel router. In that case it is easily replaceable. You can use any standard power cord under the specification. This is auto-volt, meaning it can be plugged into 110- or 220-volt outlet?

The Multiple SSID’s makes it even more useful and unique. It allows 4 separate connections. You can make up-to 4 network and each can have different user credentials. It proves to be very useful when you want separate network for yourself and others.

Size of this router is quite amazing; it is almost equal to size of a cigarette box, bit heavier though. An option to power it through USB would have made it outstanding in its category.

It provides integrated firewall which reduces the risk when we connect to unknown networks.

It is an amazing product in its category. With compare to Apple Airport, EnGenius ETR9330 Wireless N Travel Router comes with lots of features in almost half the price. If you travel a lot or you like such things to be small you should not even think before buy it.

Engenius Travel Router

EnGenius EVR100 Wireless N Security VPN Router with Gigabit Switches Review:

EnGenius EVR100 Wireless N Security VPN Router provides best in class speed, signal strength, and coverage area. It uses 802.11/n data link protocol to provide such speed. Speed goes up to 300Mbps with frequency band of 2.4 GHz. Gigabit switches provide even faster wired network. You will need all 8 wires to get 1 Gbps.

As it is specified “EnGenius EVR100 Wireless N Security VPN Router can maintain 5 simultaneous connections.” But it’s not what you get. It provides 5 IPsec connections at a time but only 1 LT2P/IPsec connection. It creates problem since windows uses LT2P/IPsec. This device is great for point to point VPN.

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) support is another good feature. You will not get any lag even when streaming from computer to PS3 or XBOX because of Gigabit wired connection.

After all the value for money features, if they add isolation option configurable for every SSID it would be a great product.

Even with few drawbacks it’s a great product and value for money, you will get a Router & Firewall & Wireless. It’s perfect device for a small Office, a home user, a hotel or a small user group who wants VPN Functionality as well as 802.11n & Gigabit Ethernet. For such small price for you can’t get wrong with EnGenius EVR100 Wireless N Security VPN Router.

This is very common question “Why should I use a Router?”

Well apart from all the reasons, you should always use router just to enhance your network security. It’s just like locking your door to prevent any kind of theft.

Router acts as a lock to prevent your system from any internet threat. Router acts like access door to internet for your computer and vise versa. When you initiate any connection to internet you just send command to the router, router gets the data and send back it to you. According to this your computer doesn’t have any IP address on the internet but only on local network. So No system can initiate a connection to your computer from internet side.

So yes, you should definitely use a Router for security purpose.


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