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Complete Anonymous Web Surfing

Updated on September 19, 2013

So why do we need anonymity online, surely this is only for cyber criminals or people up to no good. In an ideal world yes, but unfortunately the temptation is too much to spy and monitor Joe Public.

You'd think it was quite simple, pursue the criminals, track down the evil doers. Close down the criminal and illegal web sites and lock up the owners. No unfortunately the Internet doesn't quite work like that and so our governments monitor us all - log our every movement, just to catch a small handful of criminals and terrorists.

It's quite simple - if you want privacy, if you want complete anonymous web surfing you'll need to do something about it.  Here's a small video I made in summary.

Why Anonymous, Why we Need Proxies.

More than Anonymity - Censorship too

There's more to using technology such as anonymous proxies, than just protecting your privacy. Your IP address is not just a way to spy on you, it's also used to control your access, to censor yoru internet feed. There's lots of ways of doing this from simple ISP blocks, content filtering and even the rather rubbish DNS modification methods.

But the result is that your IP address controls what you can see, what you can view and do online.

Here we go a few examples. A US IP address will :

  • Allow access to HULU
  • Allow you to listen to Pandora
  • Block you from lots of Online Casinos
  • Allow you to watch

However a Turkish IP address

  • Allow you to watch Turkish Online TV
  • BLock you from BBC Iplayer
  • Block you from Wordpress Blogs
  • Block you from Youtube (although this one changes a lot)

The whole internet is tailored to your IP address and of course there are much more extreme measure as China and it's infamous Internet Wall of China, where Tiannamen Square doesn't exist online.

So much more than just protecting yourself online, a professional security program with a network of private proxies will free you of the censorship to. Pick the IP address that suits you to watch Hulu, BBC IPlayer.

Wherever you are in the world, you need not be censored and you can be an internet citizen.

Video Blocked by Location

Many YouTube videos are only accessible to certain countries.
Many YouTube videos are only accessible to certain countries.

More than Anonymity

That's why protecting your idenitity and bypassing the censors makes so much sense. Sure you can spend your life tracking down new VPN servers and Free anonymous proxies every day. The best free ones are rarely usuable for more than a few hours.

Some of them will even allow you stream media, view blocked content, bypass internet censors - so there are definitely benefits. But there are also risk with anything free so be careful, nobody does anything for nothing without a good reason. The benefit of running free proxies is that Identity Thieves can steal passwords and accounts diverted through them. Which is hardly a good solution for complete anonymous web surfing !

But when you have a set up in place it gives you incredible freedom, you not blocked, censored by geo targeting or some stupid censorship rule - for instance not being able to update my wordpress blog when I'm in Turkey because it's banned !

Turkish Protests Against Government

A big part of the Turkish protests was concerning the increasing censorship and filtering of the internet in Turkey.
A big part of the Turkish protests was concerning the increasing censorship and filtering of the internet in Turkey.


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