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Complete Review Of Apple Ipad Mini 2

Updated on December 5, 2013


Any How you look at the brand new apple ipad mini it is just incredible from any angle. It is available with the stunningly looking RETINA display. Retina display is just the beginning of it's features. It comes packed with the new A7 chip, , advanced wireless, and powerful apps — all beautifully integrated with iOS 7. It allows you to do all the things that you have never imagined about. Apple Ipad Mini is similar to Apple Ipad Air in all aspects and in all ways except the hold-it-in-hand mini feature.



Now the new Apple Ipad Mini has the brilliantly brightest and much more beautiful retina display. It has over 3.1 million pixels which is much more than the HDTV has. That’s a 2048-by-1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation iPad mini. Now the pixels are so close that Human eyes are unable to distinguish it and due to it your images and videos look much beautifull than ever and the text are in RAzor sharp quality. This is a fact that "Best pixels are the once which you can never see"


Weight ....

Now as the latest Apple Ipad Mini has all the latest features Which includes retina dispay, incredibly fast A7 chip and advanced wireless technology many more things then also the the apple company has to keep it light and thin. It weigh's less than three-quarters of a pound..

So can can do many more thing's and feel as if there is nothing in your hand


The all new Apple ipad comes with A7 chip and 64-bit desktop architecture which makes the mini more mightier. It also ensures that you get 4X more speed and 8X more graphics performance for all and everything you do. Then also ipad provides you with upto 10 hours of battery life to study, play, build and create and do whatever you want.

A7 chip

The new A7 chip provided in the Apple mini brings it to new heights of power and speed. In ipad mini the apps are more fast,and the games are even more responsive. You can feel everything quicker in the New ipad mini as it is really quick. . It also supports OpenGL ES version 3.0, enabling detailed graphics and visual effects once possible only on desktop computers and game consoles. It comes with 64 bit architecture which helps you to support even more powerful apps and games with more beautiful graphics.


Ultrafast Wi-Fi

The mighty Ipad Mini now comes with twice the faster wifi. It is all because of two antennas and the MiMo technology ie; (Multiple input multiple output) technology. With dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi and MIMO, download speeds can reach up to 300 Mbps — double the data rate of the previous-generation iPad mini. So now you can transfer your files more faster than before with AirDrop. You can even more surf faster and watch movies and pictures provided your internet connection is faster.... The wifi transfer speed is upto 300 mbps.....

M7 Motion Co-processor

The Apple Ipad Mini was made to be on the Move. Hence the M7 co processor makes even more sense. It measures motion on your ipad mini by drawing data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. So you can enjoy each and every bit of motion games on your ipad mini with the M7 co processor which is now even more efficient and saves power and energy.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Great App's.........

Now the Apple Ipad Mini can be used and is even made to be used to use the more powerful app nowadays. Now you can check your email on the go, Chat with your mom or your special once with FaceTime, or you can even consult Shri to settle most of your problems. . And now iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are free with iPad mini. Now you can write your presentations your word file on the go with your Ipad Mini. All these app's are made to perform the best on the 64 bit architecture of your Apple Ipad Mini. Hence your apps can run more smoothly on the mini which makes you even more capable of doing things.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

App Store

Now the app store of apple consists of more than 4,75,000 apps. So there are more app of which you cant even think of. Study whale migration. Draw blueprints for a building. Or repel a zombie invasion. for every beautiful thing you do there is a New Ipad Mini app. . They feel like they’re made for iPad — because they are made for iPad. Each apps make use of each pixels so that the graphics look beautiful.


Ipad contains 5 megapixel high quality camera which can record HD videos.

The ipad Mini comes with the iOS7 which helps you with great graphic quality

Did you like the Apple Ipad Mini?

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