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Computer Benefits and Impact

Updated on September 15, 2017

When we were young, we used to see people doing some of their work manually like calculating, researching, mailing, even in communicating to love ones until computers were introduced .Before the computers invades in the society, students have to go on to the library doing their assignments, researching on wide variety of books .People have to go on post office to deliver their mail hoping to reach their love ones in a couple of days. To be able to see people we love, we must drive hundred kilometers to be with them.That, was long before computer has entered.

Today, e-mail is beginning to replace the ordinary post office and telephone as a way of keeping in touch to one another.

Computer has a big impact onto the world because it helped man to step forward in the future. It is one of the greatest inventions that man contributed to the world!

With the help of the computer, we able to explore outer space that never seen before. New innovations occurred, like online games, computerized car, houses and even our toys.

Computer benefits

  • In Business- it uses computer in their business transactions, managing sales, keeping tracts of their accounts, communicating to clients through e-mail, video calls, business presentation through computers because it enables them to saved their work on the computer. It opens new jobs like web developer, programmer, web designing and many more that helps to lessen unemployment.
  • Educations- has also improved during these days, learning is more likely into advanced method because lecturer and teachers are accelerated from manual teaching to computerized versions like PowerPoint presentations, slideshows that are more specific that a student understand. They could be used for making complicated mathematical calculations, and perform them in few minutes. Also data gathering, testing and analysis have been improved by computer use. Students also are at ease today because with computer they can surf the internet with wireless services anytime, anywhere without going to the library because internet has all the information needed for their researches like essays, history and many more.

For example, in over 21,000 primary-school classrooms in Mexico, the traditional green board, chalk, and eraser are being replaced by an electronic board connected to a computer, reports El Universal of Mexico City. For now the board, which measures six feet wide by three feet high (two meters wide and one meter high), is being used with fifth and sixth graders. Seven digitalized books are available to teach history, science, mathematics, geography, and other subjects. Videos can also be shown on the board.

  • As for in Medical Industry- the life support system run by computers and all the records of patients are saved to database and can access anytime whenever a patient visits the hospital, also on pharmacies, the pharmacist keep record of what medication they will give to the patients and the amount of medicine they will give was stated on computer. As well as in Military, nowadays, their equipment is design and powered by computer.
  • In the Entertainment Industry- movies use computer animations and graphics so that it is more likely neat and believable, more realistic but not. In gaming, it also progress because of computer , many applications that can be download to be played on, the coolest game on 3D like Final Fantasy, it makes game addicts be hooked of. It is a lot better these days, boredom to some is no more. These are the proof that computers taking over the world.

Computer Impact

Computer is a must have to all people for internet surfing, keeping in-touch to loves ones, communicating, messaging and many more, these are some routine that people used to do. But, is there any disadvantage of having a computer? Are we too dependent to computer? A lot of people don’t notice the bad effect of computer. In what way, you may ask. Having a computer is a responsibility that we must put in our mind, though computer has a big role in our society, we must not forget that these machines are not to be the center of our lives.

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Education, in that country “about 90% of people ages 5 to 17 use computers and 59% of them use the Internet—rates that are, in both cases, higher than those of adults,” explains The Wall Street Journal. Computer use begins early. “About three quarters of children already use computers by the age of five, and a majority use the Internet by the age of nine,” the report shows. While more than half of young people go on-line to communicate with friends or play games, “almost three in four uses the Internet for help with school assignments,” comments the Journal. “Girls, who not long ago used computers and the Internet at lower rates than boys, have essentially eliminated that difference.”

Over the years, computer introduced social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and it is widely used not only college students but also users that are children, teens, grandparents, professional, celebrities are more likely build relationship around the globe because it allows people to create profile page for their love ones and friends that allows them to keep in touch through this sites. This is the time that we must be aware in to oneself in putting information regarding to where our house is, where you go and when we will be gone because people often forget that in giving information publicly, we are welcoming bad people to enter in our lives. “Think before we click” is a campaign by one of the Entertainment Network in the Philippines that reminds to us that we should be extra careful to what we are putting in web, because it may have bad effect to others or may degrade one’s life of what we are putting in.

Are you too dependent on your computer?

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Too dependent with computer is not good because sometimes we become lazy to other task like household chores, going to church, bonding with the family, vacations, playing outside the house with friends, like basketball are jeopardize,because we are now influenced by the computer that we often thought that 'without it, we ‘re dead.'

Be balance in viewing computer as an accessory not as a need in our lives, though we are advancing in this century. Do not forget that in early days, people live peacefully without these machines or gadgets!

According to one user named Matt from UK on BBC news year 2000 he said:” These machines should be used as a tool to aid work rather than the only tool used in the workplace. “Also an IT expert said, “Computers are always crashed not working properly, sometimes”. That is why we should not be too dependent, we should use our God gifted talents to progress, innovate, makes life happier even in simple ways. We should not allow our children to just push button on the computer whenever we are too busy with something else, because in that way, we allow this machines to substitute our role to our children to teach the values, good values in life.

Don’t forget, that we human are the ones who created computers and that would remind to us that these gadgets, these machines should not in control!


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