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Computer How To Tips & Tricks

Updated on June 8, 2014

Saving a few seconds can be important if you have a deadline. They all add up to minutes and minutes to hours. If you can save a little bit of time in doing some work then why not incorporate into your schedule. Saving time is a lot like saving money, if you have it you can use it as you wish.

I hope you find some of these tips, tricks and shortcuts of use.

Windows Key + M
Minimize Windows
Super fast minimizer
Alt + Tab
Scroll through all the windows you have open
This allows you to easily scroll through all the windows you have open.
Ctrl + B
Highlight and press control and B to Bold your text
( for newbies)

What does it mean?

Are You A Mac Or A PC?

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Some interesting findings from a study: Mac people like Vestbas better than Harleys like the PC's.

Mac people are more likely to throw parties than the PC group.

PC people perfer more casual clothing than the Macs who prefer to dress up more often.


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