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Computer Keyboard Size Versus Netbook Size

Updated on August 9, 2010

Keyboard size computers vs netbooks

A regular keyboard is usually quite easy for someone to type whether its school work or some other project they are doing. The more you get used to your keyboard the faster you will type in a certain period of time it becomes easier. Well what about the size of netbooks? They are very small computers and can be quite convenient. The problem,however, can reside on how large the keyboard is. When you spend your days typing on a regular sized keyboard you get used to it. Laptops even have a bigger keyboard then netbooks do. The size of the keyboard on a netbook is quite small compared to computer keyboards and laptops. If you decide to buy a netbook keep that in mind. If your planning to go to college or need a computer for work or something else then you may want to think about your decision first. Netbooks are great computers to carry with you except how much typing are you going to do? You must ask yourself this question before anything else. No matter how convenient the may be if you plan on typing with it you will have to get used to it.

Your fingers automatically adjust to your other keyboards and even if you type fast on them you may make mistakes on a netbook. Casual internet surfing does not require to much typing, but work for school may. If you go to social networking sites like facebook,twitter, or myspace you mainly only type to your friends and spelling is not important. If your writing multiple essays for school for example then spelling is very important. Don't get me wrong you can get used to the keyboard size of a netbook, but it may feel awkward when going to back to a laptop or computer keyboard. You may find yourself making some mistakes.

As you can see on the photos on the side show that netbooks are significantly smaller when it comes to the computer itself and the keyboard. A lot of company's try and make the keyboard size as big as possible. When deciding to buy a netbook you may want to look to see what percentage of actual keyboard size it is. For example: it may say 87% of laptop size. Its hard to say what the average of most all of them are, but I have see 92% a lot of time. Just keep in mind that this is the percentage of a laptop keyboard and not a regular computer keyboard. If your someone who usually uses a computer keyboard all the time then going to that size to a netbook size is a huge leap. On the other hand someone who goes from typing on a laptop to typing on a netbook is not as big of a leap. It will still be different cause it may be 10% or more smaller than laptop, but it will not be as bad. Lets say you were using Microsoft word or something and started to type as fast as you could. You would most likely make some errors on it.

All in all netbooks are very portable, but just in mind that not only the computer it self is small, but the keyboard too. It really all depends on what you intend to use the computer for. Most netbooks are intended either for internet surfing or schoolwork. They are great for school work cause you can take them along with you its just you will need to get used to typing to some extent. Before purchasing a netbook buy from a company that has biggest keyboard size possible if you want it easier to type. In the end you will eventually get used to it. It depends on how well you adapt to a smaller keyboard. This will vary from individual to individual.


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