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Computer Performing Slow? Tune It Up Now!

Updated on November 21, 2013

Computer Performing Badly

Possible causes for your computer running slow:

  1. Computer virus software definitions outdated, invalid computer virus software
  2. Malware/Spyware programs using up all available memory resources
  3. Not enough computer memory, RAM
  4. Viruses or trojan horses running in the background without you knowing about it
  5. Having too many applications open at once for example, your Internet browser and media player is open at the same time
  6. Your hard drive running out of storage space
  7. Your hard drive needs to be defragmented
  8. Your Internet temporary folder is never cleared

Not Enough RAM - Time To Upgrade Your Computers 256MB RAM to 4GB RAM

A lot of computer users never realize the full potential of a computer until it is too late. Instead of buying a whole new computer, look at the RAM of your current computer. All it needs is a new 1GB or 4GB RAM disk, check to see what RAM sticks are compatible with your operating system first before upgrading. You can also install the stick easily by opening up your tower, removing the pins for the RAM stick, pull the old RAM stick out of the motherboard, slide your new RAM stick in, push the pins in, and boom, you have the same computer now operating at a faster speed.

Malware/Spyware - DO NOT CLICK on Advertisements or Banners and DO NOT CLICK On Pop-Up Ads Either!

There should definitely be some basic Internet navigation classes, free of course, for all computer users who are constantly on the Internet. A lot of people don't know that a simple click on an advertisement, banner, anything, can have them paying upwards of $500 just to have their malware/spyware removed.

Malware and spyware are considered computer viruses therefore do not click on anything you are unsure of when you are on the Internet. If that "Free Weight Loss Program" banner if flashing yellow and blue in front of you, that banner is a computer virus so do not click on it.

Malware and spyware have gotten smarter too in which there are fake malware/spyware removal tools that don't remove the viruses but rather install more viruses on your computer.

  • Malware Anti-Bytes is a free malware/spyware removal tool that will take out all the malware and spyware computer viruses that are making your computer run very slow. Below is a screen shot of Malware Anti-Bytes.

These are seven possible ways why your computer might be running slow. Always ensure that your anti-virus and spyware programs are up to date. Defragment your hard drive once a month. Always delete your temporary Internet files because if you don't, every time you go online, all those photos get stored in your temporary Internet folder and over time, that folder could be using 60 GB of storage space. Lastly, upgrade your computer to the maximum RAM available. This free information might just be enough to prevent you from buying a new computer!


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