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Computer Productivity Increases with Dual Monitors

Updated on March 19, 2011


Do you have to be a geek to use dual monitors? Maybe, but I can think of several really good reasons that do not require being geeky. Productivity is the high point. Anyway, what is wrong with being a geek?

Dual monitors can sit separately side by side, they can be hooked together on a dual monitor stand or a dual monitor adapter can be used to hook a laptop with its monitor to a desktop monitor.

Back to some of the reasons you would want or need dual monitors.

  • Working with digital photos
  • Read email on one while working on the other
  • Writers that have to do internet research
  • Internet gamers can see multiple or expanded views of the action
  • Web designers can design on one while their tools are on the other

Do you need a new video card to use dual monitors? The short answer is no. There are adapters that use a USB connection. There are cables that split the signal from a single video card between two monitors.

What kind of video card supports dual monitors? Video cards that have two DVI (digital video interface) connections are able to handle dual monitors. If your motherboard will accept multiple video cards you could have two cards with one or more DVI each.

Do you have an old laptop just lying around? Can you include it into your wireless network setup? If so a program called MaxiVista will set you up to use it as a second monitor.

The bottom line on dual monitors is that they can improve productivity. Anyone that has a job that requires sitting in front of a computer monitor all day can tell you that a second monitor would save the day. I can especially relate to writers and editors. The research, the email, the instant messages are all in addition to the work at hand. It is difficult to work if you have to open several different windows to see what you need to see.



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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 9 years ago from USA

      I agree - my husband keeps offering to get me a dual monitor and I may have to take him up on the offer. :-)

      Thanks for reading my hub!

    • betherickson profile image

      betherickson 9 years ago from Minnesota

      Wow, this is great. This is neat in panoramic views. Love it. :) Thumbs up.