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Computer: Using Norton Antivirus Clean Up Tool

Updated on March 11, 2016

I Was Hesitant to Try It

I got on my computer this morning, got through my login screen and attempted to connect to my jetpack. It was seriously not responding.

Click. Nothing. Click. Nothing.

My first thought was is anything working? I clicked on the hidden tasks arrow and discovered my Norton Antivirus had an orange exclamation mark through it instead of its usual green check mark.

I clicked on it to open my task page and it said my computer needed attention for its performance issues. I was hesitant to give attention to my performance issues since I wasn't sure if I was responding to Norton, or an actual virus attack.

Well. I let it start its fix in progress and it seemed to be deleting some app information. I stopped the scan and, then, restarted it. It went through the motions of removing some 22,000 files and then, with its lego brick fashion, refiled what was left. Then, some tweaks and twists later, it said fix complete.

Hope it is okay now. Seems to function better.

So. Here is what it did, with photos.

I tried to include photos of the actual process. I accessed it through the show hidden programs on the bottom right of my screen.

I started the Norton Antivirus program by double clicking the Norton symbol that had an orange exclamation through it.

That's where I discovered the performance fix now message.


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