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How to Prevent Computer Virus

Updated on December 17, 2009

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Computer Viruses

Did you know that Chinese Government wants PC makers to install software to control internet content.

These are unwanted software developed specifically to cause harm to your computer hardware or software. People with ill intention will continue to develop new Viruses just to affect your computer performance. These are well knowledgeable individuals in the software development industry who can at any time counter prevention by introducing new software.

Symptoms of Virus attack on your computer

Viruses manifest themselves in different ways depending with the type of virus and below are some common symptoms that you should be aware of that your computer has been affected by a virus.

· Speed of the computer becomes slower

· Processing of programs fail to initialize

· No display after starting your computer

· Computer goes off immediately after starting

· Unpleaseant sound from the computer due to virus attacks

· And many more

So with the above sign, your computer might have been attacked by Worms, Trojan Horse and can cause great harm as explained aboved. There are so many ways in which you computer can be attack by viruses. Below are some of the ways off virus attacked?

· Downloading unknown free software from internet – when you download this malware program are you increasing your chances of being attacked by the viruses and immediately after download your computer will be all dead

· Sharing of storage devices like removable disk from one computer to the other since you do not know what kind of programs the other computer has

· Downloading pictures – most of these pictures are viruses and often rewrite themselves into your file systems

How to prevent computer viruses

· do not download unsuspected free software

· do not download unsuspected photos

· do not share removable disks without scanning

· always scan your computers and removable disk before us

· install effective anti virus

· run anti virus update often

Types of Anti Virus Software

· Norton Anti Virus

· MacAfee AntiVirus

· Karspersky AntiVurs

Take good of your computer and software and you will be safe from unwanted attacked by malicious programs and viruses

Computer Virus Protection


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