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Computer or Laptop Memory Upgrades:How to Buy the Memory Your Computer or Laptop Needs

Updated on September 7, 2011

Adding or upgrading more memory is one of the most popular upgrades today for people upgrading to Windows 7 from other Windows platform. Computer memory upgrades / laptop memory upgrades are the one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades around. These days, memory cost more is quite low and cheap memory chips are selling at your local discount warehouse store. Buying the memory your computer needs mean both finding out the best match to cheap computer memory upgrades / cheap laptop memory upgrades which are both suitable for letting you run more programs more quickly and it real makes fast of your computer. Just read this hub and follow the steps for the quickest and easiest way to figure out how much memory’s already inside your computer, and the best type of memory to add to your particular model.

What exactly is the memory?

When your computer’s CPU (central processing unit) tells your computer what to do, it needs a scratch pad for taking notes and then do those tasks for you. And computer memory / laptop memory works alike that scratch pad. The more memory you stuff into your computer / laptop, the larger the scratchpad, letting you run more programs more quickly. And the performance of your computer is drastically increased.

What people do to upgrade comptuer memory / upgrade laptop memory?

People generally go to shops when faced with the unpleasant task of buying the right type, speed, and size of memory for a computer or laptop.

Recommendation to computer memory upgrades

Going to shop and purchase a memory is easy. But this really needs some time and needs your own to find the exact match to upgrade your computer memory. But you can do it by yourself often turn to online memory vendors. Its easy to find there because they’ve made the process so easy. Just follow the steps for the quickest and easiest way to figure out how much memory’s already inside your computer, and the best type of memory to add to your particular model.

Step 1: For laptop memory upgrade / computer memory upgrade, visit the website of crucial ( or another online memory vendor. Most online memory vendors, offer provide some type of special programs to scan your computer’s memory requirements and offer some sort of recommendations. Just tell the website to find out what memory’s inside your computer and to recommend compatible upgrades. For example, if you are using crucial, just scan can your computer / laptop and choose download the scanner. The Web site sends a small program to your computer to scan its memory, and then presents the results on your browser.

Step 2: After reviewing the result of your computer memory module, you are now ready to purchase the memory for your computer needs. Most of the sites, like crucial recommends some RAM to purchase. But I suggest to purchase from Amazon as it is widely trusted to purchase online around the world. So, just go to Amazon website and then search which type of RAM is suitable for you and then purchase as your computer needs.

For example, during writing this page, the site have revealed that the computer has two slots of memory; one slot is filled with 256MB memory and the other slot is empty. Each memory slot can hold DDR PC2700, DDR PC3200 with a maximum of 1GB per slot. My computer currently has 256MB of memory, and the scanner recommends to upgrade computer memory from 256MB to 512MB or 1GB or 4GB, at some cost. And after finishing the identification, the type and amount of memory the computer needs, anyone may ready to make purchase to upgrade computer memory or laptop memory with cheap cost and proper decision.

@ Published by rancidTaste


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    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. But if you follow the steps then this may be easy.


    • profile image

      siegfried 6 years ago

      well, it's not the easiest task, worth checking your laptops specs ;)