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Computers vs Human brain!

Updated on August 12, 2013

Human brain, a gift from God!

Spontaneous writing is a rare gift possessed by many writers and journalists. They just fill the paper with lucid thoughts cogently without much effort. We have seen certain magicians gulping shreds of color papers and after some time they bring out from their mouth uniform strands of colored strips of papers without any entanglements with one another. There are other writers who make an outline of their thoughts and note them. Then they construct the sentences connecting all their thoughts. If at all we have to appreciate, we need to appreciate the brain created by God only. How meticulously it stores the information and brings it forth when needed. We are accustomed to this storing and retrieval of information from computer data sheets or access program. My emphasis is that the brain of any individual is really a most wonderful and efficient one on earth more than the ‘super computers, the scientists invent and assemble. The pity is that none of us use even 5% of the brain’s capabilities! Some great scientists like Newton or Edison might have used about 10% of their brain. Hence, none of us utilize the remaining 90% of brains capabilities. This is the whole truth.

Hence we need not wonder about the gifted children who could compete with the calculator in solving arithmetic puzzles quickly without the aid of paper and pen. The function of their brain though mysterious to human perception, it is not so when compared to the hidden powers of the human brain. There are examples where children recall even their past birth and the places where they lived previously. They could even identify their closest relatives! Many such incidents have been chronicled in the books on Para normal activities or extra sensory perceptions. They actually belong to ‘metaphysics’. When creations began on earth, people were in their primary levels of perception. After millions of years of living on earth, people learned certain skills and use of primary tools. Communications were at the barest minimum, that too by signs and symbols. Compared to the Stone Age and the present internet age, we wonder at the phase by which inventions took place in the past fifty years or so. Many breath taking and path breaking inventions were made in the past fifty years in all the areas of science. This was made possible due to the communication breakthrough which enabled all the information at our desks by the click of the mouse! Now nothing is a secret in science and technology. Anybody with a phone line and net connection can access any information on earth.

Prior to the invention of computers, all documents were got typed in typewriters which were considered a boon in the offices and business establishments. But there were several draw backs. We cannot edit them as it is. We have to either retype them again, the entire page which is a monotonous task. Now you can prepare any document, save it in your computer, edit the same any number of times as per requirement, transmit it through mail to any corner of the world. We can take any number of hard copies. Likewise, the tedious accountings procedures are simplified by excel worksheets and many software programs. In almost all walks of life, whether it is research work or monitoring closely space shuttles, their trajectory and final positions, atomic energy reactors or quantum physics, astronomy, medicines, imaging sciences, all the above fields were guided by computer programs tailor made to suit the particular requirements. They have become need based. Now you can get any programs especially suited to your work environment. Banks, hospitals, business houses, Railways and airways, shipping or even locating particular points on earth are made possible by satellite networks assisted by internet.

In defense establishments, computers play a vital part. In the war fields, its contribution has enhanced by guided missile programs, capable of hitting their targets perfectly even if they are 5000 miles apart. But the basis is human brain, which has invented all this and put them in use. In a way, computers copy the basic functions of human brain to an extent. Now research is on to assemble intelligent programs to think rationally in a given situation and make decisions. But no program can replace the human brain which is gifted by God. It is natural part meant for many functions of the individual but the computers at best can copy only a fraction of percent of the capability of the human brain.



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