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Confused Between Charter Spectrum & AT&T U-Verse TV? Read Carefully Before You Decide…

Updated on November 25, 2015

What if someone asks you to take two names of cable TV providers that come to your mind first? I bet most of you would agree that Charter Spectrum and AT&T U-Verse would probably be the unanimous rejoin. Both the cable TV providers enjoy a fair share of market, not only in Cable TV business but most of their customers also opt for other services that both the companies provide beside their cable TV service. Other services include broadband internet, home phone and home security. Below is a precise, yet comprehensive comparison that will help you make a more educated decision while choosing your next cable TV subscription:

TV Packages & Deals:

Let’s begin comparing the two by looking at the packages they offer to their customers. We all get a feeling or are somehow made to believe as most of TV packages are the same. They may appear to be the same from outside but in reality there are many things that make each TV package far superior or extremely inferior to the others.

AT&T U-Verse TV

You may get U-Verse TV for $29 per month with access to over 185 channels in High Definition or you can opt for a bundle deal from AT&T for around $75 which will include U-Verse TV, High-Speed internet (speeds up to 24 mbps) and home phone. But they require 1 year term commitment with their bundle deal which is not a big issue if you are happy with having access to number of channels they are currently offering. The most customer-friendly feature of their packages is that most of them give you professional standard installation free of charge.

Charter Spectrum

On the other hand, you can get over 200 HD channels from Charter Spectrum for around $30 per month. Channels include most of our favorites, i.e. ESPN Full Court, NHL Center Ice, HBO, CNN, History and Cinemax®. You can opt for their Triple Play package on the same $30 per month rate which will include TV, internet and home phone. Compared to AT&T, there are no contract requirements and you can also claim a free DVR and internet Modem. Charter also has a comparatively better in-language programming, if you like you favorite channel in Spanish or Mexican, then Charter deserves more points.

Added Features:

Beside basic offerings, added features decide the ultimate utility that the service provider is allowing you to enjoy. AT&T and Charter are both known to provide with exciting added features to revolutionize cable TV experience for their customers.

AT&T U-Verse TV

AT&T Total Home DVR makes it possible for the AT&T U-Verse TV customers to record up to 4 shows at once that you can play later in any of the rooms. Other notable features pertain to their phone service. You can get call alerts on your TV screen and can get located using “Locate Me” feature. In total, there are 20 added calling features that can make your lifestyle both convenient and advanced. Also it is important to keep in mind that AT&T has a large Wi-Fi hotspot network nationwide which means more connectivity on the go.

Charter Spectrum

The Charter mobile phone app let you enjoy over 100 channels live on your cell phone. Are you a movie buff??? Charter allows you free access to EPIX® online movies with more than 1,500 titles. The voice packages include unlimited local and nationwide calling, also 411 calls are not charged. You can access your voicemails on your email address provided by Charter. Other features are pretty basic like call waiting and call forwarding.

The Verdict:

Comparing the two on the basis of TV packages, Charter clearly beats AT&T as it has more channels and does not require any contract or term commitment. On the other hand, AT&T leads with its technological advancement and undeniable value of their added features that come free with their cable TV packages. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with term commitments and want access to more channels then Charter Spectrum is a better option. On the contrary, if you want your TV, internet and phone to do more for you and add convenience to your routine then AT&T has no competition.


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