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Connect a VGA to HDMI Port with Adapter

Updated on February 15, 2010

Why a converter box instead of a cable?

Turning a VGA port into a HDMI connection requires more than just a cable. The reason why an adapter box is required is simply because VGA emits analog signal, while HDMI is a pure digital connection. Therefore, an active conversion is necessary.

With digital connections, more options are available to companies supporting copy protection, high resolutions, and clear crisp signals. VGA does provide fairly high resolution support, but some TVs and other high definition devices don't have a VGA port. Getting a converter box is the only way this is possible.

VGA to HDMI Adapter with Audio

Why kind of adapter should I buy?

If you looking to say connect a Mac Mini to an HDTV using only an HDMI cable as a media box, be sure to get a converter that also support audio and send both video and audio down the HDMI cable to the HDTV. Otherwise, you will need to connect a separate audio cable which can be cumbersome and not has seamless as a single HDMI cable.

Will it scale?

When shopping around for a VGA to HDMI adapter, be sure to select a unit that scales to your HDTV properly and makes sure that it looks good. VGA signals don't typically output in an HD resolution, so proper scaling is necessary if you want your picture to look crisp and clear.

Where can I pick one up?

If you're looking to pick up a converter box, check out these products:



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