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Connect to the Internet Using Tri Band (Triband)

Updated on April 6, 2011

What is Tri-Band Internet

Tri-Band internet is a means of accessing the internet through a high-tech mobile devise. The ability to connect to the internet using a Tri-Band connection is possible as a result of a single mobile device running off of three frequencies.  The frequencies vary depending upon which country an individual is in while attempting to connect to internet. In European countries the Tri-Band devices are reinforced with 900, 1800, and 1900 megahertz frequency bands.  In North and South America the Tri Band devices are supported with 800 or 950, 1800, and 1900 megahertz frequencies.

Using a Tri-Band Network

By using a Tri-Band network you could effectively connect any communication devise running on separate frequencies.  Any device that is Tri Band capable can connect to the internet through a Tri-Band network in most all countries.  This means that an individual can connect to the internet off of their mobile phone (device) as long as it is wired for Tri-Band.

Tri-Band Technology Is?

Tri-Band technology is a third generation (3G) form of communication.  Data is conveyed in packets instead of through circuits as is common in second generation (2G) technology.  Triband internet can be accessed regardless of what circuits are available.  Through the use of internet protocol the means to connect to the internet is obtainable from one end of the planet to the other.

Tri-Band technology allows users to hypothetically stream data of around 21 megabits per second.  This type of communication allows the functionality of internet services such as video, multimedia, digital voice and text communication.  This truly is this generation’s dream technological invention allowing them access to other people and information via internet regardless of their location (usually). 

In order to connect to the internet using Tri-Band technology new tower stations have had to be built and supplementary frequencies have been implemented. The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) provided the base design behind this service.  Since most new high-tech mobile devices can use GSM and UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications service) service boundaries are no longer an issue. When a mobile device is operational with Tri-Band UMTS internet can be accessed through any available frequency.

Conclusion to Tri-Band Internet

Tri-Band internet is a means of having a computer handy at all times and in most any location.  Even as we speak the ability to increase data transmission is being researched and continually updated and enhanced.  The convenience being able to connect to the internet anywhere at any time is essential in today’s fast paced world.


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