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How to connect your laptop computer (PC) to internet via bluetooth enabled cellphones or mobiles

Updated on December 4, 2011

Connecting our Laptop to internet via bluetooth enabled Handset device (like Cellphones) is very easy task. It took only seconds, if once remembered the procedure that need to be followed. Here, I'm publishing the step by step guide as per my own experience.

Some Basic Requirements

  1. Bluetooth enabled cellphone (Latest and supportable - You can query about this via your Network Operator),
  2. Laptop or Computer with latest operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  3. Internet service should be activated by your Cellphone network Operator,
  4. Inbuilt bluetooth in your Laptop/computer or a external bluetooth (Which can be attached via USB Ports).
  5. CD of necessary software's provided by your cellphone manufacturing company (Optional).

Windows Xp Snaphot (Found on Net)

I use Windows 7
I use Windows 7

Procedure to be followed on Computer in order to connect to internet

  1. Activate bluetooth in your cellphone device,
  2. Activate bluetooth in your laptop,
  3. After, enabling bluetooth on your laptop, a icon with 'B' Symbol will appear on bottom-right corner of screen,
  4. Right Click on it or double click on it,
  5. A 'Add a device' button or link will appear, Click on it,
  6. After clicking, Your Computer will search for other devices whose bluetooth is on in a particular range.
  7. If Your Cellphone is detected, Follow the procedure that appear on screen to connect your device to your laptop.
  8. If you got One CD while purchasing your Cellphone, Run it on your computer and Install all the software's in it on your computer and then, you can easily connect to internet via using them without reading any guide.
  9. Alternatively, You can Now click on start button,
  10. Go to Control Panel,
  11. Click on link or Button with name like 'Network and settings',
  12. Click on 'Set Up a New connection or Network',
  13. Now either click on 'Connect to Internet' or 'Set Up a dial-up Connection',
  14. A list of Modems may/will appear, Select anyone which have 'Bluetooth' in between name,
  15. Enter the Dialing number provided by your Operator,
  16. You can fill fields having label 'User-name' and 'Password' with those provided by your operator or Left them as it is, if you don't have any such credentials,
  17. Now Click on button with Name either 'Dial' or 'Connect',
  18. Finally, Your computer will try to connect your laptop or computer to internet. First few attempts may fail but will surely connect after 3 to 5 attempts.

I written this article while keeping all the three operating systems in mind and you may need to skip some steps in older ones. So, Do not give up when not getting exact results after some steps.

Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      Thanks for internet connection in simple words

      worth trying ,as everybody is having GPRS activated phone;even if you have independent net connection.

    • profile image

      Prince 6 years ago

      Superb...............! Information given