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How To Build Websites Without Coding - Content Management System Joomla

Updated on January 26, 2014

How To Install Joomla

Building a Business Website Has Gotten Easier

Many of us need a professional website and have no idea to begin. I for one have blogs everywhere that I would love to move my content from and present it more professionally. This will look good and give me control over

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a website but thought learning code and html was to tedious? Well, the developers must have heard your complaints; because, they came up with Joomla.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have been utilized by website developers and web designer that have learned to do code and html. The playing field has been leveled with touch and go web building site Joomla.

  • No coding
  • No html
  • Push button function.
  • Unlimited themes
  • Unlimited widgets

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system where you can build amazing websites and powerful online applications. Joomla is an easy to learn, push button content management system that can be downloaded for free at It has it's own language so expect to be even veterans have to start new. It has become very popular because of the easy to use functionality, thousands of plug-in and widgets and the ability to grow and design your website is only limited to your imagination.

  • themes
  • plug-in
  • extensions
  • updates

Joomla has already been downloaded over 35 million times. Joomla is used to make:

  • Blog sites
  • Business websites
  • eCommerce sites
  • Social Network Site
  • Government applications does have important information about it's website content management system on it's website, but it neglected to add tutorials. However, there are many tutorials all over the internet teaching others step by step instructions of how to navigate around this amazing and powerful website building system.

Why Joomla Content Management System?

Why Joomla?

People of all walks of life and businesses are only limited by their imaginations when it comes to building a website with Joomla. It's no wonder it's being downloaded every few minutes.

Besides being the most sought after and most powerful CMS; Joomla is easy to navigate and extensible. There are literally thousands of ways to change the look and function of your website and it looks like more and more have figured that out.

Joomla has its own language; but once you learn the basics you can make a simple but professional websites quickly.

  • It's Free!
  • Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions used for page rendering.
  • Extensions - An extension is a software package that extends your Joomla installation in some way.
  • Article - An article is a piece of content consisting of text.

I think the best question is, why not Joomla. Those with Joomla will be able to update and fix problems with their website without paying a website designer.

Would you learn how

to build your own website if you didn't have to learn code?

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As you can see there are many reasons to choose Joomla to build your own website. With over 35 million and counting downloads Joomla is climbing in popularity.

People are changing careers and saving money by building and updating their own websites.

Learning how to build a website without coding will allow millions to thrive on the internet like never before. Maybe it's time for you to learn how to use Joomla. Get your download today. It's free.

Resources: for free download. Ftp client, Hosting and Domain required. for step by step video training with live assistance.They offer free hosting.


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