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Conversion of US-Dollars into other assets

Updated on February 11, 2015

Billionaire Ned Goodman- Dundee Holding Corp (Canada)

Mr Goodman shed the last of his bank shares after global forecasts predict Gold and Organic beef are better
Mr Goodman shed the last of his bank shares after global forecasts predict Gold and Organic beef are better

"I'm outta here" - says Ned Goodman, Canadian Billionaire

Ned Goodman of Dundee Holding Corp. (Canada) has cleared his ledgers of ANYTHING with the smell of the United States on it.

That was a year and a half ago.

A year and a half ago, the Canadian billionaire Ned Goodman, announced publicly that there was soon approaching a period of...

"stagflation for sure, and maybe a period of inflation. The United States will be losing the privilege to print- at it's will- the worlds reserve currency. This will be an inflationary period. And I can tell you, that before that happens, it is likely going to become quite ugly. We are living in an uncertain atmosphere, and it's all related to politics and money. Interest rates and confidence, can turn overnight, investors are not rational, and there is NO TIME when the truth takes place. China, is the worlds largest debt-holder, Japan is the second largest debt-holder of US-money. They must act in their own interests... and they are. 1.6 percent interest rates are not deserved by the United States. The problem is, that the United States can't afford to pay, any more. So they don't deserve their bond-rating- so, they will probably lose it. Discretionary spending is 36 percent of Government Spending... 75 percent of their new jobs are part-time, low-wage and often government-inspired. Unemployment figures are under-stated. ... The US-Federal-Reserve's obsession with interest-rates, has been a roller-coaster ride along a path of rising inflation, which from time-to-time is brought under check. ... Since time immemorial, National Leaders of any sort, have used "magic money" to acquire things, and wage wars. And it just... doesn't ... work..."

Note that he said, the "1.6 percent interest rate" that the United States receives, is unfairly assessed to our nation as a bond-rating. He rates us as a flat "No Good".

Why is that? You are being lied to, continually- for the last many years by each and every administration in office. They have been "managing both you and your expectations" in life. All the political rhetoric is just that-

Rhetoric. Self-serving and temporary rhetoric to achieve just one thing- Their time in office, and the paycheck associated with that time in office, the book deals and movies, or anything else from the old paradigm of leadership.

I am afraid to say it's just about "curtains" for the "old ways" of doing business.

It's been nice working with you all. "It's going to become quite ugly".

The U.S. is just not a "sure thing". It's future is UN-Certain

As I mention in another article here

The wealthy will make certain that their dollars are converted into "other assets" in order to survive the upcoming monetary shifting. Russia and China are cooperating (financially) but not even necessarily in an evil wish to do us harm. China just knows it's got to dump it's investment in US-Dollars before it all goes sour.

Russia and China are forced to take steps in order to assure their own survival, financially speaking.

No offense intended towards the U.S. Dollar... of course.

Mr Goodman goes on to say at one point

" The Chinese are holding 3 Trillion US-Dollars. And they are spending these dollars as quickly as they can. It will not be very long before the rest of us in the world - AND - the United States, will be thinking likewise... I do... As we buy things to protect our future purchase power. In the 30's everyone wanted US-Dollars, today, everyone wants to get rid of them. And "BUYING HARD ASSETS" is what you will hear from many people in the business that I am in... In my view the Dollar is about to be dethroned as the worlds defacto currency"

What was the "signal" that truly alarmed Mr Goodman? It was when China's new president made, (as his first move) a visit with Vladimir Putin to make a financial accord between the two nations. This was an agreement that China may buy all the oil they need directly from Russia.

HOW did the United States dollar become the world's currency?

This was during the time of President Richard Nixon. Henry Kissinger was Nixons adviser. It was Kissinger who convinced Saudi-Arabia that all petroleum sales "must" be in U.S. Dollars. Hence the creation of the Petro-Dollar.

Remember, During the Nixon Administration the Dollar came off the gold standard? But this was the way the US-Dollar became the Worlds reserve currency. The world needed oil. And the only oil available was to be purchased with US-Dollars.

That is how the dollar attained it's position globally. But now what is propping it up? What gives the dollar value?

Is it all the Auto's, TV's, cell-phones and computers we sell to Taiwan?

Oops... sorry, I got that all mixed up. We ARE very good at exporting bombs and military jets, but... what DO we "manufacture" now?

Ahh, yes...

we "manufacture" (and export) the threat of a financial collapse unless you purchase our derivatives.

Good as gold...




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