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Cool Online Multiplayer PC Games for Free

Updated on March 14, 2012

Online games have always been popular among computer users. They offer the opportunity to socialize with other players from all around the world, chat with them while they are playing and compete with thousands or millions of other players. It is always better if a player does not fight against a computer enemy, because no game can offer an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can reach the level of a human player.
However, not all gamers want to pay for online games. Of course, World Of Warcraft is an excellent game, Aion too - but not everyone can manage to pay for them. Besides, many of the players could not even be adults, so they cannot have an income big enough to manage an online paid game. The problem has existed for long, but there are quite many solutions, too.
Not few online games are actually completely free; they can be of any game genre, even action games or racing games, even though they usually are RPG (Role Playing Games). An advantage of free RPG games that are online, aside the obvious one (that they are free!) is that the community of players is usually huge. Anyone can login and play, without need to provide credit card or buy any kind of scratch card. These games are free for all, so just any gamer no matter his age can be online and participate.

You might wonder how these free games manage to remain free, despite the constant expenses for support, development and server needs. One reason is that they get quite an income from generated advertisements in site, but main answer is that they usually offer an in-game Mall which can sell some items or features for real money. The game developers do not want to mess up with this, though; they do offer some bonuses to players who pay, but they try not to alter the game style too much and give extreme advantage to those who contribute. That means, that in most of free online games, not paying for something with real money does not mean that you will be staying behind compared to players who pay. They do get some bonuses, but any player can compete... at least in most of the popular online games.

Leaving aside any other explanations, we move on to the games list; but remember, this is just a list of some games that have attracted popularity the last years. It is not a comprehensive list, either; these are games I have personally tried, so reviewing them is easy. Feel free to google for more free online games if you like, I am sure you will find quite many that can keep you (or your kids) busy for long!

Heroes Of Gaia

Heroes Of Gaia is a browser-based rpg game, free to play forever and quite different from the other ones mentioned here. You do not complete quests (at least as it is done in other games, with a quest giver, a task done and reward given), but there are tasks that when completed can give experience. You can choose between humans, orcs, elves, etc, and each race differs much from the rest in terms of characteristics, soldiers to hire and stats.
You can capture castles by asking your army to attack them, attack enemy heroes (and their armies) or fight your way to the top of the Tower Of Babel. Defend your castle so no resources are stolen, research economic upgrades so you produce more and choose to base on the military technologies or the economic ones. Train your heroes and equip them with drops you get when you complete tasks, hire new soldiers and level them up, research to achieve better attack and defense skills and train better units. The graphics are good, especially since the game does not require a download –there is a drawback however; the game requires AP (action points) for just anything you do, like attack or complete tasks. When AP are out, you need to wait till they replenish, and they actually replenish slowly. Some tasks offer AP, but after a while the game will not be as interesting due to this burden in action.

For a browser-based rpg game, HOG is good. It isn’t excellent, because it limits the fun with the AP requirements. At least you can login from any PC without the fuss of downloading and installing a game client.

Heroes Of Gaia


Seafight is a popular pirate multiplayer online game that can be played without download, through the internet browser, for free. You start with a small boat and complete quests in order to get money and experience. With money you can get bigger ships, more cannons, equipment for your pirate crew, food and others. You can either choose to be indifferent with other players and just attack NPC ships and animals scattered in the map, or show your powers against other players, by attacking their ships with your cannons and capturing loot.

Seafight differs from other games in the list much; it does not feature a wide world or a comprehensive map. All maps are same, water with randomly generated NPC ships and animals. Animals and ships do look different with higher levels, but it isn’t really much interesting to see. After some time playing, Seafight can end up boring. You can attack and equip your ship, but not many will feel it is enjoyable once you have been attacked and damaged by other players – most of the crew will be dead, money will be gone, you will need to repair your ship and soon start almost from scratch. If you manage to get an elite ship and upgrade with maximum number of cannons and the best cannonballs, then chances are you will be safe from attacks. But when you have reached this high level, there isn’t many left to do.

The game is popular in many countries and has a wide international community that can offer fast support and help. The alliance system is also present, and you might want to join a strong alliance so that you will not be threatened with attacks from other players too often.

In conclusion, Seafight is a pirate game, but only focuses on the naval strategies and fights. Furthermore, it is presented with a plain, not interesting environment and a world that seems same and boring everywhere no matter how advanced you are.


Wonderland Online

Another free MMO role playing game, Wonderland Online offers a huge world to roam, extreme variety of enemies to fight and many unique systems. The game is updated often, offering new features and loads of events every week.

The story begins with you on a ship. The trip will soon be brought to an end when the ship gets damaged and it sinks. You find yourself on an island, with a vast world to explore, trying to prepare yourself for the way home, unaware of the dangers you will have to encounter.

The abilities of the characters you choose are based on their element. In general, Wind offers high speed, Fire offers extreme attack power, Earth will give higher defense and Water will provide healing properties (the equivalent of a Priest character). You choose how your character will look like and which the element is going to be, but always keep in mind it is easier to handle the game if you are in a party. Certain quests actually demand a party and if you are not in for socializing much, you cannot complete them. Also, keep in mind that there is an active wedding system, so you can actually start searching out for your spouse.

The battles occur in another environment, not in the same map you walk. When you stumble upon a mob that is in the map, the scene changes and you come across a new environment, where your enemy is located on the left of screen and you and your party on the right. The side with the faster fighter (usually those with the Wind element) will attack first, and after it the fight will take turns, until one side is down.

In WLO, fighting enemies to gain experience is only a little portion of the gameplay. You can capture pets and use as comrades in battle, use vehicles to move faster around, trade your own made armors and compound gems and items into higher quality ones. But the most unique experience of WLO is the manufacturing system. The drops you gather from the enemies can be used to make a wide variety of tools and machines, which you can store in your own house (and you can carry your house with you anywhere you go!). If you got much iron, why not start a business of building bazookas? If you got the machines needed, you can start a small business, producing items constantly and then selling for money. The choices are endless and there are not many things that are more enjoyable than spending hours in game trying to collect all needed items and then manufacturing to produce the most complex machine, the computer. Additionally, everyone will be amazed when you start flying the skies, inside your own-made airplane!

Wonderland Online


Mytheon is a free online MMORPG which blends a wonderful 3D world with mythology elements of Greece and Egypt, while expansions are said to soon add Asian mythologies too. You choose your class among the three available (Warcaster, Eidolon, Elementalist), each one of them with unique characteristics, skills and combat specialties. You can summon companions in battle through Power Stones you collect from enemy drops, while also using them for advanced skills of protection or attack. Summon a huge spider to aid you with its poison attack, or a Minotaur who can use its brute force to bring death to your enemies. You can also craft your own, rare power stones and add your own touch to your character. You fight with typical monsters found in rpg games, like spiders and other insects, animals that have been enhanced by evil and bosses, like the might Echidna.

The world of Mytheon is dark, broad and interesting. The locations you visit differ widely from each other, the quests got an increasing level of difficulty, and as you level your character up, game goes more and more fun. Creating parties is essential here too, since playing solo can be tough at times, depending on your class and skills.

Mytheon works by downloading a game client, it is not browser- based. The graphics are excellent, comparable to games that are paid to play. There are some issues with the translation, but currently they are not very important and are about to be corrected soon. The game is still under development and issues like that and minor details are corrected with patches.


More fascinating online games that are available for free will follow. Stay tuned!


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