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Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

Updated on November 24, 2015

Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus

Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus
Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus | Source

Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

This is the Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plussmall and compact FM transmitter to try it out in my car to stream my favorite music on my phone to my car stereo. I have an auxiliary port in my car stereo but I wanted to be wireless so no more cords lying around this FM transmitter for iPhone 6 is the solution for that. This Gizmo Guy's mini FM transmitter is so small and lightweight and straightforward function and very easy to use. There is no Power ON button and to power it up you just press the left button key and this automatically shuts off if not in use within 1 minute. It is the coolest gadget for iPhone 6s Plus.

I have tested with my couple devices such as iPad, iPod, Samsung S4 and works great and transmit clear sound from my Mp3 player to my car stereo and works best if you find an unused radio frequency. I can tell this has good transmitter on it since I have no trouble transmitting even if I am away from my car about 10-20 ft using unused station no scratchy and I get clear sound transmission.


* It has built in rechargeable battery compared to others which you have to worry about replacing battery and will save you money on buying batteries.
• Small, compact and Lightweight
* Tuning for station is easy with easy touch forward and Backward buttons.

Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

How to use this coolest gadget

Easy Installation

Simply plug the device into a standard 12/24 V DC outlet for power supply, tune the car radio system to an unused station, set the transmitter to the same frequency, and start enjoying its convenient features!

Audio Streaming

This FM transmitter is able to play music files in the MP3 or WMA format on an SD card or USB flash drive, and can also stream music via a 3.5mm cable from an MP3 player, cell phone, tablet or any other device. The audio is wirelessly transmitted to the car speaker system via FM radio signals. You may switch soundtracks or adjust the volume with the press of a button on the transmitter: an added level of convenience!


Working Voltage: DC 12/24 V
Wireless Range: 5 m / 16.4 ft
Frequency Range: 87.5-108 MHz
USB output: 5V / 1000mA
Sample Rate: 8k-320k bps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 85 dB

Package Contents

1 x AVANTEK In-Car FM Transmitter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Instruction Manual

Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus

Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus
Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s Plus | Source

The Best Accessory for iPhone 6s Plus

This if your car does not already have a way to play things from your smart phone. If the car doesn't have a jack for it, you can play it over a FM station in your car. plug the fm transmitter into your phone's jack. turn on t he FM transmitter ( press the left button.) tune on unused FM frequency. The Best Accessory for iPhone 6s Plus Tune the transmitter on the same frequency. now you can play music on your car stereo. provides hands free. rechargeable battery 5va/1A the light indicator will turn red when charging. Compatible with smart phone 3.5 MM jack and ipod jack of the same size.
Sound quality, I found that was the only draw back. If I had no other way to play my ipod or iphone this is perfect. It is high quality for what it does. But plugging the ipod in directly to the jack sounded better. So if you have no other way to play then this is perfect. We kept trying to see the differences when we went to date night and that is what we concluded.

The transmitter plugs into the audio port on your device, which is a no-brainer. You then find a blank/unused radio station and set the transmitter to that same station. The music sounds great and plays very clearly through the station that we chose. It's super convenient that you can navigate the songs (back and forward) right from the transmitter as well.

I like that the transmitter is small, compact and stylish. It's easy to through in a purse, bag or pocket and take with you whenever you're on the go (or just leave in the car). You just have to keep it charged up via the included charging cable, which is easy as well. It's a great quality transmitter that delivers on sound, functionality and ease of use.The Best Accessory for iPhone 6s Plus

Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus

Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus

Best Accessory for iPhone 6 Plus is a compact FM transmitter While I have an auxiliary port in my car stereo, being wireless seemed like a wonderful idea, no clutter. This turns out to be an ideal solution. The Kollea Mini FM transmitter is small and feather light. Function keys are straightforward, so you can get the FM Transmitter up and running in a flash. I spent just a couple minutes to get things going. You'll need to tune along the FM frequency, to find a dead spot that gives you clearest, loudest sound. LEDs are bright, and switching frequency is easy with left/right numbers up & down, couldn't be easier, really. No need to move the device around for connectivity, the signal is strong and clear. I've heard other wireless FM transmitters, this one works and sounds ten times better than the others. Really impressed me.

FM Transmitter for iPhone

FM Transmitter for iPhone
FM Transmitter for iPhone | Source

Customer Testimonials

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Coolest Gadget for iPhone 6s

If your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth

This device is for listening to music from your phone, MP3 player, tablet, etc. on a radio, such as your car radio, so you don’t have to just sit in silence ;). This is great if your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth. To use it, plug the device into your phone, MP3 player, or whatever you’re using. Then change it to an unused radio frequency by pressing the up and down buttons on the device. Then turn your radio to the same frequency and enjoy.

This FM Transmitter is wonderful! I love how small and portable this FM Transmitter is. When I first got this I did have to mess around with the different stations/channels to find the one that provided the best signal. I'm actually surprised on how well this device worked. I was able to transmit the music from my phone to my car clearly. Sometime there might be a little bit of static if your driving to different places, but that comes down to finding the best station. This device fits on my phone easily and is very light weight. I have used different corded Transmitters in the past and they were heavier and also weren't able to transmit the music as clear as this device does. I love to listen to pandora when I'm driving and this has made that so easy and effortless. I'm more than happy with this device, it surpassed my expectations. Also another way to get a clear signal is to make sure your phone is in a good location not under anything, so it can retrieve the signal. I usually use a phone holder on the dash in my car and that provided a better signal, but also with out putting it up on the dash it has worked good. This product was received either at no or low cost for my honest review.


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