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Cooling Laptop Pad

Updated on June 21, 2010

Cooling Laptop Pad

A Cooling Laptop Pad Can Protect Your Laptop From Damage.
A Cooling Laptop Pad Can Protect Your Laptop From Damage.

Why Buy a Cooling Laptop Pad?

So why should you buy a laptop cooling pad? Overheating laptops are a problem which more and more people are beginning to suffer from. Nowadays laptops simply have too many powerful heat emitting components in increasingly cramped spaces, and the bad news is, most of these laptops have NO additional cooling features.

This means no heat pipes helping to keep your most important components cool, plastic cases which insulate your laptop and keep the heat in, and worst of all, you cannot even open up the case to clean out the dust without voiding the warranty.

The current state of affairs has brought the average lifespan of today's laptop to less than one year. This means that in a years time your laptop is expected to have some kind of critical hardware failure which will lose your data, and often require you to buy a new laptop.

What Kind of Laptop Cooling Pad Should I Buy?

You could buy a quiet Zalman notebook cooler or a powerful Antec laptop cooler, but whatever it is that suits you, there are plenty of amazing laptop coolers which will help keep your laptop cool!

There are all kinds of laptop cooling pads out there, some of which are in the best laptop coolers list. However not all of us want a full on laptop cooler, some of us want a silent laptop cooling pad, which can help us rest the laptop on our legs, and keep our laptop cool with a passive laptop cooling pad!

Using a laptop cooling pad can help keep your laptop cool, and provide a suitable resting place on your lap for your laptop.

What is a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Laptop Cooling Pads come in a wide range of forms which help with passive laptop cooling by providing increased airflow, of increased heat dispersion.

To do this you get two main types of laptop cooling pads. The first kind increases laptop airflow, this includes cooling pads such as a the X Pad. These have a pretty consistent performance no matter how long you use your laptop for. Laptop Cooling Pads such as these are rather cheap, but also sturdy. Their effectiveness is limited, as they don't have fans, and often have little heat dispersion. They are however perfect if you often balance your laptop on the bed, or even on your legs.

Dispersion laptop cooling pads usually sit much closer to the base of the laptop, and are made of heat conducting metals, or even heat absorbing crystals. A slight word of warning, the laptop cooling pads which use crystal absorption are very effective when you first start up your laptop. However the capacity of these crystals is usually exhausted within the space of two hours.

Fan Laptop Cooler Pad

To combat the ineffective cooling power of laptop cooling pads on modern day laptops, you can get fan based laptop coolers which are more powerful, and have a much greater cooling capacity, which never runs out (at least until the fan gives out after several hundred thousand hours of running).

If you have a laptop which regularly heats up to near unbearable temperatures, then a laptop cooling pad will probably not be strong enough to keep your laptop cool. A fan based laptop cooler can however have an a great cooling affect on even the most powerful of gaming laptops.


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      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      A cooler is good for those writing assignments that hubbers are doing. The warmth emanating from the laptop may cause some numbness to the hands and fingers, in the long run. Great hub.