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Could Renewable Energy Destroy the World?

Updated on September 17, 2011

Oil Companies

Conspiracy Theory

For years now, the world has been looking for new sources of renewable energy.

Many people believe that new sources have already been found but have simply been buried. This is to say that oil companies buy the patents, and then hide them somewhere where they cannot be used.

These conspiracy theory people believe that by hiding these patents the oil companies ensure the necessity of their products, thereby securing their revenues.

Is it really possible for these companies to do this without at least some government assistance?

Some would say that perhaps government officials are receiving “kick backs” in order to let this happen.


Aircraft Refuel
Aircraft Refuel
Ship Refuel
Ship Refuel

National Interest

What if though, it was in a country’s interests to hide these new ideas?

Why? How could that be?

To answer this we must first look at the world as it is today.

Each country has its own military.

These military resources are built around machinery that is dependent on petroleum based fuels. Its strength is often based on its countries ability to pay for and supply the fuel requirements of the military.

If a new revolutionary source of power was readily available, especially if this new source was free and renewable, how could this affect the militaries?

A lot of military expenditure is on logistics. This is the ability to resupply their troop’s needs at the place of conflict.

This means that although many countries may have a military capable of the defense of their country, only the richer countries have the money and resources capable of providing their troop’s needs outside of their own country.

Even for defensive purposes, an army’s size can depend upon the ability to fuel it.

A readily available, free source of renewable energy could radically change the military capabilities of countries. It could tilt the balance of what is seen to be the equilibrium of military might.

What if splitting the atom did not need the resources of a laboratory?

What if it could be used to power a car or make a weapon locally, in the field?

How could that have changed our recent history?

The Future

New Energy
New Energy

The Truth

So, it is possible that oil based companies may be aware of other sources of energy.

It is possible that these companies hide the knowledge from the rest of the world.

It may not be though, that governments unwillingly assist them.

It could be that governments actively encourage them to do this.

Many works of fiction, relating to world destroying wars in the future, are based on the theory that there becomes a shortage of oil in the world, leading to global warfare.

What if though, global warfare occurred not because of a lack of fuel but because of an abundance of it?

Instead of “free energy” being the savior of the planet, could it actually be the cause of its destruction?


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    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 5 years ago from Birmingham, England

      I remember watching a documentary about how we 'manufacture' biofuel. One of the key ingredients for it is Palm Oil, which is grown in huge plantations in Borneo, of course in order to do so, the rainforest and all the wildlife have to be destroyed. In my opinion Renewable Energy, in some cases can be just as damaging as fossil fuels.

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Interesting hub, indeed free energy is existent and that's what the disclosure project is trying to get out into the open.

    • mr-burns profile image

      mr-burns 6 years ago

      Interesting thinking but I doubt it. Its a long shot. Good hub. Thanks

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Now that's thinking out of the Box. A good theory, could it be possible? Thanks rafken.


    • Lord De Cross profile image

      Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

      Heard of a Scientist from a 3rd world country that developed a fuel energy based on Hydrogen and water. He was supplied a lifetime income for his discovery... not sure by who and where he is. Will have to look into his whereabouts myself.