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Create PDF file easily from any document

Updated on February 5, 2011

Date Published : 5 Feb 2011

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PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange created by Adobe Systems. I'm sure that everyone with basic knowledge of computers have used PDF some time or the other.  A PDF files layout is fixed and the advantage is that it is independent of hardware, software or operating system. Unlike word or similar softwares which are depended on operating system and also require specific versions to display the formatting exactly, a PDF file is displayed exactly in the same way no matter what reader is used to display the file. Many different PDF readers/softwares  are available for different operating systems though Adobe reader is the most commonly used one. PDF files can even be read on smartphones, tablets like ipads or ebook readers like kindle and nook.

Document distribution in the form of PDF is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease and simpllicity. Many companies distribute their documents and user guides in the form of PDFs. PDF reading software is usually free and in many cases comes bundled with the hardware. So we do not have to worry about the documents end user to buy a particular software to use the file.

So if you are creating any tutorials, lectures or any guides, it makes sense to distribute it in the form of PDF so that it can be read by anyone irrespective of hardware or operating system.

While PDF readers are free, creating a PDF requires some expensive software which everyone can not afford or it just doesn't make sense to buy the software for the simple reason of using it once or twice. Luckily I've come across a software few years back which creates PDF files for free. The downside is that it displays an advertisement everytime you create a PDF file using this software. But once the PDF file is created, it is as good as any other PDF, no watermarks or anything.

The software is called PDF995. I do not know the reasoning behind this naming, but it looked weird to me initially. But since I wanted a PDF creator, it was the only option I had. I've been using it for two or three years now and I'm extremenly satisfied with this. The advertisement it displays is a small price I pay for using the software for free.

PDF995 is basically a printer driver. Once the software is installed is installed, a new printer will be added to your pc. Whenever you want to create a PDF, you create the document in your editor say Openoffice, Microsoft word or anything and click on print. In the printer selection dialog, you have to select the "PDF995" printer and follow the steps. Your PDF document will be ready. As this is just a printer, you can create PDF from any software which has print option, i.e., you can create a PDF from webbrowser, painting application, image viewer, Microsoft word or just about any other software.

Here are the steps,

  • Goto
  • Click on download now and you will be presented with two files 1. PDF995 Printer Driver and 2. Free Converter. Download both the files.
  • Run both files. It doesn't matter which one is run first.
  • Now you should have "PDF995" printer added to your PC. This is a virtual printer added by the software to create PDF files.
  • Now create a document in your favourite document editor and click on print.
  • Select "PDF995" printer from the list of printers and click on "Print".
  • It will now ask you to give the file a name and specify a location where you want the new file to be stored. Enter these details and proceed.
  • Now your PDF will be created and opened automatically. Along with your PDF, two other windows will be opened. One will have an advertisement and other will ask you if you want to continue using the sponsorred version or upgrade to a professional version.
  • Close the two additional windows and you are done.

 Note: This is a free one and does not have many options. I have not used any professional PDF creator so far, but I think you will have lot more options in a professional software. The above mentioned steps are good for home user or basic user .


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